Our lives are inevitably divided into two parts.

The time that we spend alone is that part over which we have the greatest control. This is a time of privilege
and responsibility. External pressures are lessened
and the importance of our own intelligence and our own strength of will are intensified.

We must learn to relax in our private moments. We must learn to let go and refresh ourselves. But we must also re-charge our batteries in an efficient manner. We must take stock of ourselves, take our own measure, Review our recent history, assess our progress, define our areas
of weakness, review and analyze our errors, plan our future. We must examine our conscience.

Time spent alone is time for caring for our bodies, our minds and our souls, in a way that strengthens us for our return into the public side of life. We may be somewhat selfish when alone, in order that when we return to the company of others we may be ready to turn our attention
generously to their needs, and so that we may be strong and happy and giving of ourselves without care, restraint
or selfishness.



(c) 1974 DBM






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