I am firmly convinced that life as we know it on this earth is a beginning,
and not an end, a temporary dwelling, not our ultimate home.

I am confident that we will be reunited with loved ones and friends
in the Hand of God, together, in a better place for all eternity.


May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace.
The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and the torment of malice shall
not touch them. In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die, but they are in peace.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- The Book of Wisdom

Here are names of friends and acquaintances of mine who have gone before,
but whom I hold in happy, lively memory, and for whom I earnestly pray.

I hope they, who have the Ear of God, will, in turn, pray for me.
May they rest in peace until we all meet again
on the Great Resurrection Day.

[A code to acronym is at the bottom of this page.]

Rita Ebes Aaron, SHS, IHS, mischievous and always laughing
Fred "Red" Aaron, SBC, quiet red-headed guy from Oklahoma
LeRoy Aarons, Wash Post, theatre critic who left for California
Martin Agronsky, NTC, TV star who was on the National Theatre board
Alan Alex, Capt, USA, SMC, debonair, Greek officer and gentleman
Robert Alfandre, DC, extravagant socialite
Nancy Alfandre, DC, glamorous star of The Hexagon Club musical revue
Bob Alexander, super-intense husband of Jane and Arena outreach improvisor
Derwin Anderson, LHS, "Ladies' Man" in big blue convertible
Evie Anderson, IHS, lovely quiet, laughing friend of Anne Ryan
Trilby Anderson, VA, invalid, but still the worldly social doyen of Utah Street
Tommy Arisman, KS, friend of Ormand Leavel
Jim Austin, LT USAF SBC, my first college roommate, died in a plan crash
Helen Avery, MD, Children's playwright - she was a in my Stage One Summer Workshop.
Tony Bachrach , Richmond motorcyclist who came regularly to Spartan events
Helen Baird, SBC, the wiry, bird-like, intense librarian, who maintained SILENCE!
Ellis Baker, CU teacher who substituted for me when I was at Wisconsin U
Bakman, Patrick T.- GU student, then Innovative opera director, died too young - 1990
Letitia Baldridge - Kennedy-Johnson White House Social Secretary
Dale Barber, big bear-hug Chicago friend and host with no pretensions 1923 - 2008
Jess Barnett wrote scintillating songs for Hexagon Reviews in Holy Trinity Theatre
Kathleen Barry, my theatre productions partner, who lost to Alzheimer's
Fern Bayer, Gloria Boucher's daughter, art history expert
Jim Behensky, SMC, practical joker who put pink pelicans on lawns
Jean Beilby, ALOC, my lovely British star in ALOC'S The King and I
Les Beilby, ALOC, Jean's husband who was dying during the run of The King and I
George Belshaw, my gruff, good-hearted filling-station owner uncle
Judith Olean Murphy Belshaw, Great no non-sense Montana aunt, writer of long letters
Judy Lucinda Belshaw Hanson, my cousin, who lived near me in Arlington
Dick Berger, my extravagant, tempestuous boss at The Starlight Theater, KC
Ricky Berger, Starlight stage-hand, who became Pres of MGM and Walt Disney Pictures
Sherry Berger, Dick's elegant singing-star wife who appeared at Starlight
Bernie, a badly crippled WWI vet who ambled sadly around our Prospect St neighborhood
Heidi Berry, quiet philanthropist who was on the NTC board but died soon.
Dorothy Betz, PhD, DC - French teacher in whose ball of yarn I was entangled
Catherina Baart Biddle, Artist - Socialite who served on the NT board
Leticia Baldridge - Kennedy White House Social Secretary - Friend - 1926-2012
Livingston Biddle, Natl Endowment for the Arts, my host at the Cosmos Club
Barbara Birmingham - Spirited redhead drama classmate at CUA
Harry Blackstone, Sr, the grand stage magician who we saw in Kansas City
Al Bode, the older SHS student who wanted me to explain a magic trick and we fought
Betty Bode, SHS, Al's sister who was in my class
Edwin Bodnar, SJ - Soft-spoken Clacissist and Historian at Georgtown
Lindy Boggs, Sweet, grand Congresswoman on Brother David's charity board
Donald Bohn, older guy at IHS who wore glasses and married Mary Ann Hegarty
Mary Ann Hegarty Bohn, the neatest, smartest student at Sacred Heart
Celeste Bollin died when a rowboat overturned at Bean Lake with Loraine Gercken
Barbara Boling, my great tomboy friend from across the alley
Betty Boling, Barbara's elder sister, in the Girl Scouts
Gerald George "Jerry" Boling, neighbor, Shriner and owner of a car dealership
Heliome Boling, Jerry's wife, with adramatic up-swept hair-do
John Bonskowski, IHS, round-faced, smiling, short-haired fellow student
George Bossard sang "Old Man River" in my ALOC Showboat
Hanna Leah Botsford, an advanced-age GU student who volunteered at NTC
Gloria Boucher, my longtime friend from the US Pavilion at EXPO
Skip Bowler, whose tennis shoes were thrown in a tree at Jim Bourne's - 1985
Joy Bowman, chunky friend of Rita Baker, enamored of a bus driver
Dawn Boyer, pale and thin, she died very young at Sacred Heart School
Leo Brady, famed playwright and one of my teachers at CUA Drama Department
Louise Brandwen, founder, Stage Studio - I visited on her deathbed at GUHosp
Buddy Brannan, my movie-going buddy in Leavenworth, LHS
E.J. Bribach, my first eye-doctor, in Atchison, Kansas
Bill Brown, GU - in The Importance of Being Earnest at GU, died young in a NY fire
Bill "Boogins" Brown - Unique, humble jokey optomist and Baltimore Museum Guard
Carter Brown, Elegant mover-and-shaker of the Smithsonian Institute
Rita Brown, a sweet Colorado housewife who knitted sculptures, CL
Don Bruce, SMC, imaginative entrepreneur who established The Eagle
Eddie Bruce and Barbara Bruce, Don's gambling brother and co-owner of The Eagle
Jack Brunette, SBC, great pal and prom-decorator at SBC, from Chicago
Janie Brunsman, IHS, super-energetic fellow cheer-leader
Jim Brunsman, IHS, Janie's quieter, kind, ironic elder brother
Al Bullock, burly dentist who was a fine Billis in my ALOC South Pacific
Jack Burgess, GU, College Dean who retired and died much too young
Denny Burke - GU - Upbeat, member of the Trinity Theatre Loft crew.
Margaret Butcher - Stalwart Scholar and Actor - Chestnut Lodge
Hanorah Cahill, LV, hard-working, church-supporter housewife and mother
Kitty Ann Cahill, SHS Jim's elder sister
Jimmy Cahill, SHS, friend who gave Jack Hunter an embarrassing Xmas gift
Bill Callahan, CUA, Portly, grand classic actor, friend of Paul DiGiovanni
Josephine McGarry Callan, white-haired elegant premier vocal coach at CUA
Jose Calvo, GU, short, wiry, super energetic M&B promoter of all things
Ed Camp, NBC-TV, my first Washington boss, my first summer in DC
Betty Campbell, petite hard-working mother of about six children - LV
Jay Carmody, white-haired theatre critic of The Washington Star, DC
Mary Myles Carney, LV, always lovely smiling Immaculata high student
Joe Cancieri, mastermind of a huge gala for the National Theatre's 150th
Ella V. Carroll, thin, bespectacled bank heir and sacristan at Sacred Heart
Mary Agnes Carroll, Ella's sister, assistant; they brought "treats" to us
H. Jones Jon Carrow, III - world's best partner
Joan Caryl - art teacher at Georgetown
Ed Cashman, CUA, my "boss" in the Speech and Drama Department at CUA

Johnny Castle, DC, the original rebel" motorcyclist

Patty Cavin - WRC-TV personalityh - 1985
Marian Chace, CL, renowned dance therapist at Chestnut Lodge Hospital
Ellie Chamberlain, Founder-Producer of the Washington Shakespeare Festival
George Chapin - Singer - American Light Opera Company
Patricia "Pat" Chatam, congressman's widow, friend of Mary Ann Fuqua
Jim Chellico, WI, friend of "Big Helen" who invested $3K of mine to no avail
Cliff and Pat Chieffo, GU art teacher and conservator, daughters Toby and Nina
Fred Chrisman, my shy, rather uncommicative Little Brother in the Big Brother program
Bobby Christ and John Christ, my brother Paul's Leavenworth friends
Buddy Clark, SMC, Southern live-wire blonde motorcycle rider and performer - AIDS 1992
Claudio Clemente, SGT, 174th Military Police Bn, FT Sher5idan, Ill
Richard L. Coe, Leading Theatre Critic, The Washington Post - DC
Christine Sadler Coe, Writer
Jack Coffey, childhood victim of Polio, he walked with crutches - SHS
Roy Coffey, A fast-driver in a sleek blue Ford convertible - SHS - IHS
Bill and Frances Cole, Among first motorcycle riders I met in DC
Frances Cole - I directed her as Lady Macbeth at Georgetown
Rita Cole, DC, a mother who entertained beautifully for her daughters
Ruth Cole, appeared in Banned in Boston at Georgetown, where she worked
Don Conrad, SMC, short and quiet biker
Bill Constantos - LHS friend
Dick Cooper, LHS, lean, swarthy, intense, a good friend
June Cooper, Dad's secretary at SMC who brought me a gold Noh mask from Japan
Merle Cooper, LHS, Dick's older, sophisticated, brother
Esther Coopersmith, a jovial robust socicalite, heavy-set, with glasses
Jack Coopersmith, DC, Genial Washington philanthropist, Esther's husband.
Rose Robinson Cowen, arts patron and supporter extraordinaire, always in motion - 1993
John Coy, extraorinarily talented improvisational dancer at GU, who drowned
D.H. Craig, Quiet, wore glasses, Spartan MC friend
Sir John Craig, Oklahoman, nominated my father for the Holy Sepulchre, KHS
Mary Craig, wife of Sir John, Tulsa, ok.
Beth Crancer, founder of the Purple & Gold Underground Newspaper at SHS
John Crancer, traveling Salesman who died young, leaving three children - 1945
Rita Jane Crancer, who lived in a grand house on the Esplanade
Teresa Crancer, called herself the Merry Widow Crancer of Leavenworth - 1985.
Richmond Crinkley, voluble Producer, Shakespeare Library Theatre DC - 1985
Arthur Crumlish, Mailman in Stalag 17, GU
Dusty Cunningham, SMC, died way too young - 1988
Jim Cunningham, Football Team, lived across the hall, soophomore year at SBC
Rev. Florian Daemer, OSB, preached florid "Seven Last Words" in Lent - Sacred Heart
Don Dailey - radio announcer, with Richard Kjelland noted New York hosts - AIDS 1984
Misty Dailey - GU student - killed by a hit-and-run driver
Patrick Daly, State Department, NTC
Jack Damlos - GU - Ran show tours, then managed Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - AIDS 1993
Bill Dant - Tall menacing Death in Fr. Alcuin's SBC Everyman
John Darby, my admin asst at National Theatre, then Shubert Properties Manager
Royden Davis, SJ, soft-spoken theatre-supporting Dean, Davis Center, GU
Barbara Dawes - My first girlfriend - SHS
Benny Dawes, the kid brother - SHS
Jean Dawes - The glamorous one - SHS
Joe Dawes, LLD - Pater Familias, who owned the Gustave Dore Divine Comedy
Ruth Dawes, Red-headed Irish taffy-maker

Ruth Dawes, Jr. - Wife of a local baseball star, SHS

Elwyn Dearborn, Meticulous Eastern Army Entertainment Theatre Director
Edward DeCelle, Art Gallery Owner and Raymond Ertel's perfect host - DC
Ed Diedrich, the "grand old man" of our Freshman Class at Saint Benedict's College
Joan Delahunty, glam red-head CU Players star of my summer at St. Michael's Playhouse

Mildred Dellere, our quiet next-door neighbor in Leavenworth

Nick Dellere, grocer, who gave me his navy flight jacket
Ward Dengler, older red-headed friend from LHS
Alice and George C. Denney, Art Gallery owner and genial, supportive State Dept lawyer
Phillipe DeRosier, Scene Designer and my mentor at KC Starlight Theatre
Hal Diamond, my magician friend and partner in a magic restaurant project
Rudy DiBala, my great friend from New York
Bob Dietz, CUA, star comic actor at St. Michael's Playhouse in Vermont
Paul DiGiovanni, NY Actor, later just Giovannii, was in my graduate class at CUA
Rev. Michael Di Teccia Farina - Priest supporter of the Arts in DC
Charlotte Dixon, the preacher's wife who was my Bloody Mary at ALOC
Ymelda Chavez Dixon, Journalist Congressman's daughter and Mary Ann Fuqua's great friend
Lev E. Dobriansky, PhD, fiery, friendly economics GU professor
Verena Dolsberry, SHS schoolmate lived on the corner of Columbia Avenue
Sammy Domimguez, lived at the Cathedral Rectory and dated Dixie Swearingen
Wendy Dorsky, choreographer, who costumed my ALOC The King and I
"Big Helen" Drazenovich, Minnesota political operative and great cook
Ken Dresser and Charles Fuller
Edwin J. Drimmel, SBC friend, Fort Smith, Arkansas Architect/Civic Leader- 1932-2004
Carol Cramer Drummond, supportive singer in ALOC Finian's Rainbow
Lionel Duffield, my great MC friend from Starlight Theater days
John Dugan, PhD, classy, snappy, very demanding CUA grad seminar teacher
Bob "Foggy" Dytrych, fun football-player sophomore room-mate in St. Joe Hall
Joe Eldred, SMC, my first friend in DC to die of AIDS - 1984
Larry Emge, SMC, always good-natured and smiling - AIDS - 1997
Al Emmons, CUA, dour house-mate, architecture student with a big convertible
Ray Engebretsen, SMC, whose AIDS death was chronicled weekly in The Blade - 1985
Jim Enneis, my kind, wise psychodrama mentor at St. Elizabeth's Hospital - 1990
Billy Enright, Don Bruce's longtime pal
Raymond Ertel, hardly describable, imaginative, thoughtful, wily hedonist - AIDS 1992
Art Espey, SMC, roly-poly friend who I took to his final hospital trip - AIDS 1988
Elsa Ettenson, lovely, portly queen of cosmetics at Ettenson's Dept Store
Moe Ettenson, mercantile pasha who reclined on a platform of pillows, my boss
John Farnsworth, a genial Pennsylvania farmer, master organist and party host
Miss Faulk, RN, Dr. Bribach's attentive coordinator and colleague,
John Faust - The Judge in my Canie Mutiny Court Martial - GU
Chick Featherstone, Captain USN, ret., gracious host at Arlington Towers
Narcissa "Cissa" Featherstone, chic, lovely, hostess
Dick Feirhabend, DDS wise-cracking, questioning fellow SBC student from KC
Carra Ferguson, GU art historian who moved to Switzerland
Lucien Ferguson, IHS, cool saxophone-player whose parents ran a roadhouse
Tom and Zelda Fichandler, Tom was a NTC board member and Manager of Arena Stage
David Fish, my brother Paul's friend in Leavenworth
Neil Rose Fish, the elegant elder beauty sister, who taught us to swim
Rose Fish, the seemingly fragile mother
Bill Fitzmaurice, elementary school teacher, wry Spartan and summer host - AIDS 1986
Dorette Fleischman, Julius "Junkie's" widow dowager head of the clan in Ohio
Joseph S. Fontana, National Theatre lawyer who rented space in the NT bldg
Frank X. Forker, easy-going member of Mask & Bauble, appeared in DIVA
James Freelong, one of the least well-off students at Sacred Heart School
J. Donald Freeze, SJ - Provost 1979-1991, Georgetown University
Dick Frishmuth, my svelte paper-company executive uncle in Philadelphia
Gertrude "Toni" Frishmuth, my elegant "Auntie Mame" glamorous aunt. daughter Barbara
John Frum, friendly, unassuming friend who moved to CA and was murdered
Kathleen Fuller, my marvelously inventive partner in Wolf Trap shows - Alzheimers
Mary Anne Sherman Verspoor Fuqua, wife of Dutch flyer, then a general
Steve Fuqua, General USA, genial laid-back head of a large family
Don Galbraith, SMC, a Maryland scientist, partner of Charlie Palmer
Lorraine Gallagher, jolly, full-bodied GU Secretary who went on my summer European tour
Marty Gallagher, GU, ran "Marty's, student hang-out in White-Gravenour Bldg
Guy P. Galley, Sr, SBC Student Council, football star, all around nice guy
Jay Gandy, low-key, red-headed member of the gym I went to
Betty Garber, Skippy Lynn's partner in Disney projects and others
Oscar E. Garcia-Vera, witty, sardonic M&B promoter and stalwart on all crews
Tom Garnett, Baltimorean who lost leg in MC accident, my first computer "teacher" 1989
Tom Garrett, SGT USA SMC, family asked him not to return to Colorado to die, 1987
Jim Garvin, CUA, my droll, cabbage-cooking Irish roommate at Arlington Towers
Bob Gaulke, Chicagoan at SBC
Jeanne and COL John Gaunt - Saint Mary Grad - John was at Fort Leavenworth
Lorraine Gerken, IHS, drowned in a boating accident on Bean Lake with Colests Bollin
Henry Gibson/James Bateman, actor, we worked in the office at CU Drama
Brendan Gill, a genial writer and theatre critic at the Salzburg Seminar
Barbara Frishmuth Gilleran, my glamorous singing cousin from Philadelphia
Marsha Gilleran, Barbara's daughter, a model in New NYC who died too young
Jim Gilleran, Barbara's husband, a lawyer.
Tobette Gluck, in Leavenworth, Kansas, my first acting/monologue teacher
Sheldon Goldeberg, MD - Sheldon created music for Calliop shows at GU - 2011
JoAnn Goodjohn, tall, striking Leavenworth High student
Tom Gorman, PhD, and English teacher when I arrived at Georgetown
George Graham, Skippy Lynn's friend who gave tours of the National Theatre
Marge Graham, George's lovely wife
Clarence Gripkey, MD, distinguished Kansas City physician
Sally Gripkey, the doctor's sassy wife, who hosted me on a visit to KC
Gil Gross, an Army Theatre director with whom I traveled as a talent judge
Jack Guidone, multi-talented actor, singer, choreographer, mask-maker - GU AIDS 1986
Arla Guild, Petite, efficient, blonde US Army Entertainment Director - Fort Lee, VA 2007
Bob Haase, St Benedict's football player who died young in a hunting mishap
Ken and Sudah Haley, GU art historian and Smithsonian employee/Indian dancer
James Thornton Hall, Box Office Treasurer for my ALOC production of Showboat
Bela Hamilton, cool Imac upper classman with a memorable name
Jerome "Jerry" Hall, SJ - GU - Prof. of Liturgy and Liturgical Theology 2009
David Hammond, a sensitive GU student who died far too young
Lyle Hampton, a LHS student, memorable because his father was a magician
Jim Hanson, my cousin Judy's husband
Ray Hard, a sturdy, smart, much traveled SMC Biker
Carol Harford, Mrs. Shouse's efficient representative at Wolf Trap Farm Park
Ron and Doris Harmon, our affable neighbor from Utah Street
Roland Harmon, PhD, the suave Departmental Chair I first served under at GU
Tom Harper, my always ready, always efficient Assistant at ALOC - AIDS 1986
Roy Harris, flashy, self- promoting PR person on the NTC board - AIDS 1989
Gilbert V. Hartke, OP, Founder Catholic U Drama Dept, to whom I owe my career - 1986
Elmer Hasty, debonair "lady's man" in Leavenworth with a golden tooth
Hurd Hatfield, Hollywood actor I met through his aunt, Rose Saul Zalles
E.A. Hathorn, Magician partner, in third grade, gave his mother's jewelry to Jean Dawes
Earl Hathorn, Sr., our neighborhood grocer in Leavenworth
Lucille Hathorn, his fashion plate wife in high heels at the cash register
Timothy S. Healy, SJ, bigger-than-life President of Georgetown
Mel Hedrick, Sergeant in the 174th MP Battalion, Kansas National Guard
Julia Dorn Heflin, Drama Teacher at Mount Vernon Seminary and great friend
Al Heim, sat behind me in Study Hall at Immaculata
Bernie Heim, LT, an officer in the 174th MP Bn who died in service too young
Anna Marie Heintzleman, thin, blonde, unassuming IHS student
Bud Heinz, jolly owner of Leavenworth Florist when I was in high school
"Trick" Heinz, his wife who loved the neighborhood kids
Rev. Alcuin Hemmen, OSB - President St. Benedict's College
Art Henderson, SMC member - AIDS 1991
Dan Henry, who came from Boys' Town to SBC, my Raven Roost pal
Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, with whom I worked at - NBC-TV in 1954
George Herman, with whom I worked at St. Michael's Playhouse, Winooski, VT
Johnny Herrig, the wildest driver at Immaculatata, who died young in a crash
Helene Herzbrun, Phil's witty kind wife - 1984
Phil Herzbrun, PhD, irreverent, wise-cracking English teacher at Georgetown
Frankie Hewitt, formidable doyen of For's Theatre Restoration and Shows
Rev. Francis Heyden, SJ - An astronomer who had two great dane dogs - 1907 - 1991
John Albert Hodap - Immcaulata HS student who died in WWII - 1945
Molly Holden, delightfully droll CU and Olney Theatre stage manager, actor
Ben Holman, my fellow Spartan, a teacher and valued government advisor
Anthony "Tony" Hope, irrepressible GU student, son of Bob Hope
Ed Hopkins, football coach who taught history to me at Immaculata
Bill Horan, whose bar was our favorite college hangout, always
Marge Horan, Bill's quiet blonde wife whose listened to all our stories
George Houston - GU Treasurer and then President, St. Mary's Emmitsburg, MD
Bill Hovey, smart, quirty shaved-head biker and food connoisseur
Jean Huber, the Sacred Heart Church organist's quiet attractive daughter
Richard Huber, a more wordily sort, and fun
Martin Huffman, a puffy, saintly man who attended Mass daily at Sacred Heart
Anna Mae Hughes - Hyper organized HS teacher and activist in National Educ Theatre Assn
Eleanor Hughes, who transferred impressively to Sacred Heart School
Riley Hughes - GU English Professor who deemed my one-act play, "the real thing."
Paul Hume, Jr - Actor and Renaissance re-enactor
Paul Hume, GU Glee Club Director and Washington Post critic of Margaret Truman - 2001
Ruth Fox Hume, DC, red-headed history/mystery writer, and critic's wife
Frances Humphrey Howard, Hubert's generous, gregarious red-head sister, on the NTC Board
Jack Hunter, from Louisiana to SHS school, the blond crooner of Blue Moon
Bob Hurley, a quiet Chicagoan with a "lean and hungry look" SBC
Stanley Inkman, tall, mischievous - IHS
Bob Irvin, Baltimorean who emigrated to Montreal - SMC
Mary Irwin, a wry jolly Democrat who worked on Capitol Hill
Don Jackson, friend of R.C. Torri who became obese and unemployed
Bernard B. "Bernie" Jacobs, long-serving Shubert President
Don Johnson, longtime brave, upbeat, fun survivor of Mike Beique and David Place - 2012
Davey Marlin Jones, stage director, tV personality, teacher
Earl Jones, Jr, LHS student, killed when a heater fell into bath tub - 1946
Louise Jones, Dress shop Owner, lost her husband, her only son Earl Jr., and her mind
Roy Jones, SMC, founded the Black Fox Saddlery - 2002
Jean Ann Kaine, dynamic singer, she played Maria in my ALOC West Side Story
Karl Kamper - Professor of Astronomy, Univ of Toronto - Mask and Bauble - GU
Arthur Keach, LT USA, My kind platoon commander in the 174th MP Bn, Fort Sheridan
Jim Keir rode his motorcycle from Maryland to Kansas City to visit me.
Billy Keenan - to whose birthday party I was not invited, but went.
Jim Kenner, remembered for Jello shooters and, "Sometimes the bear gets you" AIDS 1990
Ethel Killgore, kindly government worker, neighbor on Utah Street - I bought her house.
Francis Rollo Kinsman and Alice Kinsman - Army Entertainment Europe Trip
Scott Kirkpatrick - Southern gent National Th Mgr in white suits charming ladies - 1986
Richard Kjelland - Radio announcer and NYC after-bar party-giver - AIDS 1983
Romaine Klasinski, IHS, who lost her paisley scarf while trick-or-treating
Marie Klinger, LV, Sacred Heart School student
Trent Knepper, CUA - erudite and kindly
Tony Kobus - Early supporter at M&B - GU
Maris Murphy Konray - My niece, Paul & EJ's youngest child - died
Johnny Kopp, LHS - dark-haired friend - 1945
Thomas P. Kramer, GU actor - LLD - Marshfield, NY Citizen of the Year 2007 - 2012
Rosie Kroll, co-worker - Ettensons', suicide when her soldier husband died
Anne Lambert, a very good friend in elementary school
Bill Lambert, bachelor, world traveler, bibelot collector and bon vivant
Lois Lambert, a grand portly, kindly mother with perfect enunciation and aplomb
Louise Lambert, sedate eldest daughter
Mary Kay Lambert, the blonde youngest sister
Walter Lambert, Lumberyard Owner and Pater Familias
Anton Lang, Jr., sang with The American Light Opera, GU student
Joan Langer, my Assistant at the National Theatre
Ed Lapane, SMC, who, sadly, jumped off a bridge in DC - AIDS
Bob Last, jokey pal-neighbor and Ft Leavenworth fellow summer worker
Carol and Paul Laxalt, dressy, sassy NT board member and Senator
Lawes, Glenna, SHS Shirley Temple
Daphne Leeds
, Hal's elegant patent-lawyer step-mother
Henry C. "Hal" Leeds, patent attorney, onetime roommate, Arlington Towers
Robert Leeds, and Daphne, Mgr Chalfont-Haddon Hall Hotels in Atlantic City
Paula Marie Murphy LeBlanc, Artist, my niece, and Benoit Leblanc
Donald Lelonek RN- cared for others then needed long-term care himself.
Michael Leuthe, mischievous SMC - AIDS 1992
Joseph Lewis, Costume designer and my History of Theatre Teacher, CUA
Bob Lewis, SMC, partner in The Black Saddlery
Charles Linck, Engineer neighbor, made animated figures for his Xmas Tree
Hazel Linck, my mother's favorite neighbor
Lois Linck, my first leading lady - in second grade
Rosella Linskie, Skippy Lynn's sister who had been in a convent
Patsy Logan, GU M&B, died very soon after graduation
Vickie Lomax - Longtime loyal National Theatre Receptionist.
Alan Long, and tall, Spartan
Mike Lopez, SBC, changed his name to Lenz, to marry Fairy Lynn Thompson
Don Lord, LHS, wild man who married Connie Doeble
George Lowenstein, snarky LV pool-player
Luke Lucas, the mysterious man about town in Georgetown, DC and Florida
Marty Luchs, easy-going and friendly, SMC
Kurt T. Luckner, art historian, researcher and Ohio Museum Curator - GU
Arch Lundberg - professor at CU Speech and Drama - wife Jean
Margaret Lynn, friend, and head of Army Entertainment and Disney projects
Mary Lyons, MSSC, demure and lovely Mount Saint Scholastica miss
Tim Lyons, veteran, and my good friend at Saint Joe's Hall, SBC
John MacDonald - Director, producer, founder of the Washington Stage Guild
Greg Macfarlan, Winnie's low-key supportive husband
Jimmy Mack, bright genial ALOC choreographer - 1989
Tom Mack - Owner and Operator of Tourmobile and National Theatre Trustee
Albert Malody, a soft-spoken, self-assured and kindly man in Leavenworth
"Honey" Malody, severely arrested incommunicado man restricted to a crib, but much loved
Maude Malody, a WWII Gray Lady saint on earth and my mother's best friend
Bobby Mann, first grade-school friend to die
Barbara Marak, my wise-cracking friend and date at Immaculata High
Pat Marak, Bob Scanlon's girlfriend, who died in high school
Janie Marak, the younger sister
Lela Marinidis, brilliant Greek Chestnut Lodge actress, daughter of a Hollyhwood mogul
Fred Markert, SMC, a wild and wooly great friend and raconteur - AIDS
Bob Martin, IHS, remembered in his wooly blue sweater, committed suicide
Steve Martindale - Man-about-town who cut a wide swatch in DC Society
John Marx - Intense, angular, supportive Georgetown student, COUSIN OF cLARK bELL
+Marisa Mascioli, ravishing Constance in my Madwoman of Chaillot at GU, died very young
Caroll Mattoon, full-figured Parthy Ann Hawks in my ALOC production of Showboat.
Alva, Andrew & Joe Matzeder, devilish twins, older brother, Joe, SHS
Joe Matzeder, the older brother
Lou McAvoy, my room-mate in Sophomore Dorm, SBC
Paul McAvoy, my classmate at SBC
Alan McCarthy, SJ, cousin, biology teacher at Fordhamm U Marine Lab, died quite young
Carrie McCarthy, my maternal grandmother, a Boston seamstress
Henry McCarthy, Sr., my grandfather who was a merchant seaman
Henry McCarthy, my dapper maternal uncle, Alan's father
Pauline McCarthy Shaw, my fascinating Italian aunt, father of Alan
John McCreary, authoritative ALOC music director who retired to Hawaii
Johnny McGilley, KCMO, my Camp Maur Hill friend
Lee Kimsche McGrath, spirited hostess, administrator

John R. McGreevy, MD - Psychiatrist, Arlington - 2001

Leon McGreevy, genial friend at Saint Benedict's - 1990
Jim McKinley, SMC, man of few words - all wise
McShane, James, PhD, M&B stalwart & beloved literature teacher at Nebraska U - GU - 2013
Thomas P. McTighe, PHD - Philosophy Teacher - McTighe Prize - G.U.
John Meara, SBC, my Saint Louis host for the Muni Opera
Dale Meeks - Spartan organizer
Chuck Myers, very tall SMC member, sadly murdered in California by an acquaintance 1988
Chuck Mitchell, SMC, always smiling, and much older than he looked
Ronald E. Mitchell, my brilliant, ebulliant thesis advisor Wisconsin U
Tray Mongue, GU - Boy in The Fantasticks; NYC producer of blue films - AIDS 1991
Willie Monteith, my client in Arlington OAR - Offender Aid and Restoraton
Loraine Artuso Montero - Dynamic GU actor
Julio Luis Morales-Roger - Mask & Bauble 1956 - Puerto Rico - GU
John and Sadie Morton - My uncle who edited a WWI veteran's newsletter.
Gus Motta, GU playwright, composer, opera director in New York,
+Arthur Morton Murphy, PhD - my father a loving teacher, craftsman, friend
Bob Murphy, my dad's younger brother who lived in California
Chester Murphy, my dad's Montana uncle, who served in the merchant marines.
Claire McCarthy Murphy, my beloved Bostonian mother, never gossiped, unkind - 1895-1971
David and Barbara Murphy, My nephew has been a TV newscaster, then weatherman in Philly
Pat Kempster Murphy, my brother Kevin's wife
Leah Frances Murphy, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus, Oregon State University
Tray Mongue, my GU secretary, lead as "Boy" in my Fantasticks, porn star in NY AIDS 1991
Bob Moore, my witty CU boss, NY director of Mart Crowley's The Boys in the Band
Arthur Morton Murphy, PhD, my beloved father, born Electric Peak, Montana 7-23-1899-1964
Bob Murphy, my California uncle, his dance teacher wife Georgia and daughter Patricia
Brendan, Cathy, Chris, Danny and Sean Murphy, Kevin and Pat's children
Chauncey Morton, my debonair bachelor, US Army veteran paternal uncle
Claire Frances McCarthy Murphy, my patient, holy, Bostonion, writer and lovely mother
Franc Morton Murphy, my severe pioneer spirit Montana grandmother
George Murphy, no relative, who worked long on getting his degree at CUA
Georgie Murphy, my California aunt by marriage who ran a dance studio
John and Sadie Morton, my great uncle and aunt, who loved to travel and visit relatives
John Murphy, my grandfather, who was a railway station-master, Electric Peak, MN
Kathleen Murphy, my sister who died in infancy at Leavenworth, Kansas
Maris Ann Murphy, my niece, and mother of the wonderful Kara Konray
Mary Agnes Murphy, at SHS, not a relative, tall, ungainly, teased, not well treated
Patricia Kempster Murphy, my brother's dauntless wife and mother of their six children.
Pat Sheehy Murphy, Source Theatre Board, Lively, insightful, good hostess
Patti Murphy, my Uncle Bob's daughter whom I never got to know
Paul Owen Murphy, my suave older brother, newspaperman all his life 8-15-28/12-18-93
Richard L. Murphy, GU grad and tireless entrepreneur and advocate for youth in NYC
Sherri Murphy, my niece, Arizona
Rose and BilL Narva, Rose was the glamoorous manager of a Washington Hotel

George Nash, LHS, pudgy, smiley, supportive son of the druggist where we all hung out

Bernie Naumberg, Supportive, mild-mannered drama group member, CL
Ed Scarlett Nesbitt, established Eagle Cake Auction fundraiser for AIDS causes.
Kermit Noll, short, quiet grade-school pal
Dick Norman, SMC , an individuals' individual, a freind, and a skeptic - AIDS 1993
Ken Stearns aka Novak - Auto salesman and very close friend - AIDS
Jerry O'Berski, chunky crew-cut backstage wizard at GU, summered in the temp building
Frank O'Brien - Brilliantly inventive, energizing actor at Georgetown
Aiden O'Flynn, OSB - Burly, kind red-headed Summer Camp Chaplain - Maur Hill
John Tom Olive, older than I, his father sold fireworks and they shot them
Ecie Oliver, our kind, diffident, concerned, neighbor
J.V. Oliver, her dashing, wise-cracking husband
Jim Oliver, Their model-airplane-building son
Dan Ortmeyer - Suave GU Actor as Sir in Stop the World I Want to Get Off
Steve Overmyer, SMC founding member, Baltimore radio announcer
David Ower, SMC, tall genial Californian, who always rode in shorts
Charlotte Padden, smiling, optimistic, Arlington Towers resident

John Padden, GU Facilities Manager; we refurbished Trinity Theatre together

Gerri Panousis, bright, positive wife of Arthur Panousis
Roger Pape, GU, lost while sailing solo, shortly after graduation
John Paradine, show-stopper singing "Mr. Tanny Trims Your Fanny" at GU
Paul Parady, flamboyant, temperamental ALOC and GWU costumer
Keith Parker, longtime play reader and editor at Source Theatre
Vito Passamente, my boss at the Man and His World Exposition in Montreal
David Paup, Kansas City red-head SBC friend who wanted to sell me life insurance
Mario N. Pavia, PhD, shy gu linguistics professor who loved theatre & was kind to me
Jed Pearson, MD - Maryfrances' delightful droll husband in DC
Jerry Don Pearson/Chris Wilke - California camping friend
Maryfrances Pearson - evervescent Director of Wolf Trap Children's programs
Charlie Peckham, droll, imaginative, unflappable ALOC producer of my shows - 1989
Caroline Pennekamp, 3rd eldest of widowed minister's wife across the street
Eleanor Pennekamp, the pretty one
Eugene Pennekamp, elder brother
Herbert Pennekamp, We had long Catholic-Lutheran religious discussions
Margaret Pennekamp, the eldest
Pauline Pennekamp, second eldest
+Danny Pepitone - shining actor at Georgetown U, NYC choreographer 1950-1987
Jim Perutz, friend of Bob who sold me the Mercury lamp - AIDS 1991
"Brownie" Phillips, my gracious neighbor on North Utah Street in Arlington
Miss "Pitty-Pat", in high fashion, she scoured our alley for valuables
Ed Platt, short balding comic in Hexagon shows - 1992
Dickie Pogue - 174th MP Bn who, drunk, tried to climb in my bed at Fort Sheridan
Don Polloquin, SMC, dropped his bike in front of me on a run. Scary. AIDS 1985
Francis "Hook" Polite, SHS, unassuming and pleasant pal
Theresa Polite, SHS, his sister
+Poncy, Mark, PhD - Medical inventor, writer, musician, playwright - Friend - 2012
Gretchen Householder Poston - College date - Carter White House Social Secretary - 1992
Jeanine Power, US Congressman Blotnik's lovely aide
Alice Pratt, LV, one of my mother's best friends
Phil Pratt, MD, our one and only family doctor in Leavenworth
Jimmy Price, twin - SHS
John Price, older brother - SHS
Pearl Price, Jimmy's twin sister, SHS
Caroll Quigley, PhD, dynamic GU History Professor
James Rado (Radmoski) - Fellow student at CU and co-author of HAIR
Gerome Gerry Ragni - Army friend with the Cole sisters - co-author HAIR
Alan J. "Buzz" Rambow, SMC - super-eager Club Member - 1955-1992
Shannon Randolph - CUA - bright and vigorous - 2004
John Rapp - Chestnut Lodge Drama Group, reportedly rode horses into the ocean
Gil Rathbun - CUA actor at St. Michael's Playhouse, Winooski, Vermont
Agnes Reagan, LV - Anna Rose's quiet mother
Anna Rose Reagan - My very patient and lovely Leavenworth piano teacher; fell off bench
Mike Reagan, LV - Anna Rose's father, a druggist
Neil Mai Ling Redman, DC - extravagant club member and organizer
Danny Reilly, SHS - Wild redhead, a year ahead of me
Edward Reilly, Sr., LV - Eminence gris who built my parent's home
Edward Reilly, Jr., State Senator, wife died young, son Eddie III
Marian Reilly, LV - zaftig hostess and singer who gave parties entirely by candlelight
Joe Reindel - Immaculata High School classmate - 2011
Anne-Amenta Reiter, ALOC - brilliant soprano, starred in my ALOC Showboat
T.T. Reyburn, who I visied at Wadsworth Hospital
Raymond Reno, PhD - GU Professor who directed and starred in classic plays
Rev Peter Beckman, OSB - My History professor and Freshman Hall Monitor
Rev Edward Bodnar, SJ - Retiring, gentle classiscist
Rev Bede Bradley, OSB - Director of my dramatic beginnings at SBC
Rev Edward B. "Doc" Bunn, SJ - Jolly President when I arrived at GU
Rev Martin Casey, SJ - Pastor - Holy Trinity Parish
Rev Byron Collins, SJ - Engineered the creation of Holy Trinity Theatre
Rev Florian Demmer, OSB - Preacher of dramatic Seven Last Words sermons
Rev Paul Donovan, SJ GU - Energetic Mask & Bauble Moderator
Rev Victor Gellhaus, OSB - SBC Chaplain and History Professor
Rev. Bill George, SJ - Short, energetic GU Fundraiser
Rev Donald Goens, IHS Director of the Glee Club
Rev Jerome "Jerry" Hall, SJ - Liturgist, Theologian, Music Dir for M&B Man of La Mancha
Rev Gilbert V. Hartke, OP - Bigger-than-Life Head of the CU Drama Department
Rev Thomas Hartman, OSB - SBC Sports Director, made me the team filmographer
Rev Tim Healy, SJ - Flamboyant New Yorker President of Georgetown University
Rev Alcuin Hemmen, OSB - My suave College Dean at SBC
Rev Francis Heyden, SJ - Jolly Georgetown Atronomer with two Great Dane dogs
Rev Robert Henle, SJ - The quietest of GU Presidents
Rev Daniel F. Lawler, SJ - my first Mask & Bauble "Moderator"
Rev Angelus Lingenfelser OSB - the Abbey Procurator
Rev Anselm Llewellyn OSB - Moderator of The SBC Raven Theatre Guild
Rev Lawrence J. "Larry" Madden , SJ - Generous friend and liturgist 2011
Rev James T. Maier, SJ - Holy Trinity Pastor with white beard
Rev. Paul McCarren, flamboyant theatre teacher at GU, then hospital chaplain
Rev Alan McCarthy, SJ - Biology teacher and researcher - my first cousin
Rev Daniel Power, SJ - Dynamic Public Relations Director at Georgetown
Rev Joseph Rock, SJ - Ship-shape GU Dean of Students, then Vice Pres, Scranton Univ
Rev Joseph F. Selting - One and only Sacred Heart Church Pastor in my time
Rev Walter Swift - Fellow CUA Drama Grad student who died much too young
Rev Gerard F. Yates, SJ - Dynamic priest for whom GU's Field House is named
T.T. Reyburn - I visited him in the Psych Ward at the Wadsworth Veterans Hospital
Howard Richardson - Playwright - Dark of the Moon
Walter Ringel - Crew-cut high-school friend in Leavenworth
Janie Robbins, All-American LHS cheerleader, Earl Jones' "steady"
Alice Robinson, PhD - My editor on Women in the American Theatre 2009
Frank Romea, Army Ent, he comandeered a fleet of limousines for our GU/Army Europe tour
Gunther Ruff, PhD - Jolly GU professor and supporter of M&B
Jack Ryan, affable IATSE representative on the Naitonal Theatre Board
Christine "Chris" Sargent - charming hostess, who died with selfless courage
Robert Sargent - Arlington Tower friend who wrote wonderful poetry
Harley Saunook, WI - my only Native American friend, in Madison
Bob Scanlon, all-sports star and friend at IHS
Charles, Jane and Joan Schindling and boy twins - Leavenworth
Connie Schneider, bright, blonde fellow grad student at CUA
Mary Jo Schneider, accountant for the National Theatre under the Kennedy Center
Rick Schneider, aggressive manager of the National Theatre under the Kennedy Center
Robert C. Schnitzer - Broadway actor who came to ATA meetings through his 90's
Jerry Schoenfeld - High-powered Shubert Orgn chair who treated me very well
Chet and Louise Schroer, KY - Jon Carrow's elegant fashion-plate dog-loving mother
Steve Schure - Georgetown - C '71 (1949-2006)
Gary Schwartz, longtime friend
Sally Seeker, my Joplin, MO, charming Homecoming Date
Art Seeley, upbeat SMC club member from Richmond - AIDS 1991
Miss Selting, SHC, Housekeeper for her brother, Rev. Joseph F. Selting
Henry Carter Shaffer - Opera and theatre designer, director and teacher - GU
Ben Shaver, MD, Baltimore Dentist and SMC member
Barry Sheiner, extravagant clothier and generous host
Elizabeth Sherman, lively widow, mother of Mary Ann Sherman Fuqua
Jimmy Shifgen, tall, upbeat IHS student
Audrey Shipp, my invaluable, motherly, efficient, diplomatic, ALOC Assistant Director
Chris Shipp, Audrey's son and only child
Norman Shipp, Audrey's always-supportive husband
Catherine Filene Shouse - Kay was the grand dame of Wolf Trap Farm Park
Bess Davis Shreiner, Theatre Guild Subscription Rep in DC, matinee ladies' go-to
Doyle Shuman, SGT USA - my great First Sergeant in the 174th MP Bn
Mary Ann Simonis, IHS, whose biker boyfriend waited for her after school
Raymond Milton "Roy" Siniard - Editor of the San Francisco Bear Flag News - Suicide
Sr. Antonia, SCL - Immaculata High School Librarian and Typing Teacher
Sr. Euphrasia, SCL - Immaculata English Teacher and hard-of-hearing Study Hall Monitor
Sr. Faith Schuster, OSB - Poet
Sr. Mary Camilla - Drama teacher at Saint Mary College - my first director
Sr. Mary Immaculate, Dynamic National Catholic Theatre Conference Leader
Sr. Mary Jude, SCL, Pat Kempster favorite, Saint Mary College
Sr. Mary Lorian, SCL, Saint Mary College Vice President
Sr. Mary Mark, SCL, Librarian and my high school summer boss
Sr. Mary Columba, SCL - My First Grade Teacher at Sacred Heart School
Sr. Mary Joseph, SCL, My 5th Grade teacher who called us "green-horns"
Sr. Mary Theresa, SCL - IHS Principal who said I could never a priest
Sr. Noreen, SCL - My Second Grade teacher
Sr. Rose Dominic, SCL, Saint Mary College Dean
Sr. Rose Ellen, SCL, my unforgettable Geometry and Chemistry Teacher
Jill Sleight, PhD - VA, Psychologist, and the most relaxed mother I ever met.
Robert B. Sleight, PhD, my summer boss and founder at Applied Psychology Corp
Hal Sloat - Was on the Army Entertainment trip to Europe, Hexagon Stage Hand
Alice Small, Arlington Towers housekeeper who rearranged furniture to her own liking
Andre Smith, Colorful black Empire City Motorcycle Club rider - AIDS 1985
Ken Smith, dynamic, decisive worldwide Army Entertainment Director, 2011
Larry Smith, my SHS pal who was run over by a car as a child, but survived

Tommy Smith, GU student who went to Broadway, produced Latin American tours

Bob Stanley, American Light Opera board, and Stanley Williams productions
Larry Stansbury, SMC, Low-key organizer, friend, partner of Jim Kenner
Earl "Rounder" Stanton, jolly host at "Rounders" in Leavenworth
Corky Stavniak, SBC Football player from Topeka, KS, who died too young
mike Steen - Professional body-builder who worked out at GU - AIDS
Orville Steinbeck, IHS, mischievous, short red-headed fireplug guy
Hal Stern, Fred Market's Asian art curator friend at the Freer Gallery
Le Sterner, my uncle who invested in stocks and wore bow ties
Mary Sterner, PA, my clever aunt with lovely handwriting on birthday cards
Chuck Stevens, SMC, quiet serious, conscientious
Roger L. Stevens, powerful, soft-spoken Kennedy Center Founder
Christine Gesell Stevens - Gracious soft-spoken friend to all animals
Rick Stover, SMC - His tennis shoes were thrown into a tree at Jim Bourne's - AIDS 1985
John Sturgis, short, quiet, reliable ALOC singer
Jim Sullivan, dashing blond Lancelot in my ALOC Camelot
Leo Sullivan, theatre critic in at the Washington Times in DC - 1987
Professor Paul Sullivan - Polite erudite GU Professor and Faculty Senate Member
Al Sulwalsky, LV, the dentist's son
Henry Sutton, CUA actor, St. Michael's Playhouse, Winooski, VT - 1926-2011
Morgan "Pops" and Peg Sweetman - coach. then honcho of the GU White-Gravenor quick-food
Terri Tabor, CUA, fellow diner at "Ma" Parents boarding house
Bud and Sally Tatum - Kenmore Street neighbors
Thorning, Rev. F. Joseph, ex-SJ - Raconteur and host at the Washington Club
Maury and Joan Fleischmann Tobin, onetime roommate, NTC President, and yeast heiress
Torri, R.C. - Stage Designer, Actor, Singer, papier-mâché Artist - our Three Kings
Roy Townes, SMC founding member Baltimorean - lit cigarette in hospital with oxygen RIP
Jim Ueberhorst, imaginative, extravagant ALOC producer who hired me
"Turkey" Varnholt - Leavenworth pool-hall habitue
Andrews Verdi, exuberant upbeat Fort Lauderdale realtor, friend, host
Valerie Ventre - Sophisticated GU student
Edward Vivian - High-flying Floridian with no visible means of support
LTC Jerome "Jerry" Wacker, USAF - Immaculata High School, 2000
Bernie Wagner, mischievous GU Professor whose "Christmas Poem" made wry allusions.
Conrad Waldstein - My magician partner and pal in grade school
Julius, CPA, and Josephine Waldstein - indulgent, smiling, parents
Tom Walsh, PhD - Urbane erudite English Professor with a big heart at Georgetown
Jim Waring - cynical and smart CUA professor of scene design
Kurt Webber - Cubmaster who did Indian dances and unnerved my mother
Wanda Welday - sweet SHS girl with a page-boy haircut
J.B.West - White House Head Usher during the Kennedy-Johnson Administrations
Bob White - SMC - Early AIDS victim - 1986
Don White - SHS rambunctious pal
Herb White - affable restraunteer and Wayside Theatre producer
Bart Whiteman - irrepressible producer-director at Source Theatre - 1948-2006
Captain Leonard Wilcox, 174th Military Police Bn - Kansas National Guard
Bill and Rosemary Wilkins - Army friends of Claire and Arthur
Bessye D. Will - Matchmaker/talent agent par excellent and a brave single mom.
Anthonhy Willard - Wanda Welday's half-brother - daily Copmmunicant
Frank, PhD and Virginia Williams - English Department Head and Xmas hosts
Claude C. Wise, Jr., bartender, The Eagle, 2011
Gene Wolters - fellow actor and friend at SBC
Gilbert Wolters,OSB - My Sociology and Major Professor at SBC
Earl Wren - Buddy of John Castle
Rose Saul Zalles - Grand Washington hostess and my occasional theatre date - 1987
Fatima Zein - French-born "world's fair" exotic dancer in my ALOC Showboat


AEx- US Army Entertainment
ALOC - American Light Opera Company
BSA - Boy Scouts of America
BTxx- Boys' Town
CLx - Chestnut Lodge
CUA - Catholic University of America
GUx - Georgetown University
IHS - Immaculata High School
INF - Infant
LHS - Leavenworth High School
LVxx- Leavenworth, Kansas
MCx - Motorcycle Rider
NTC - National Theatre Corporation
OPx - Order of Preachers
OSB - Order of Saint Benedict
PHD - Doctor of Philosophy degree
Rev - Reverend Priest
SBC - Saint Benedict's College
SCL - Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
SEH - Saint Elizabet's Hospital
SHS - Sacred Heart Elementary School
SJx - Jesuit - Society of Jesus
SMC - Spartan Motorcycle Club
SMCL - Saint Mary College Leavenworth
SMI - Smithsonian Institution
Srx - Sister in a Religious Order
STKC - Starlight Theater, Kansas City, Missouri
WTx - Wolf Trap Farm for the Performing Arts


Note Bene - Since I am totally out of contact with people on this list, including friends from my early childhood, some of them may still be living. If so, I hope I will hear from them and I will apologize for prematurely reporting their demise. DBM

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