All hail, you holy ones, canonized
or unrecognized, who lived lives
of extraordinary goodness and virtue.

You are the shining stars of heaven!

I salute you from the world you once knew
but have left far behind.

Look down on me, I beg you all, in my moments
of uncertainty, temptation or evil.

Please sound loud trumpets of prayer
to our Good Lord and Redeemer, Who will,
I am confident, send down protecting graces
and saving angels to deter me from sin.

Hold me in your hearts, good saints of God, and inspire me to selfless virtuous deeds here on the earth where you once walked.

I am inspired by the stories of your many good works and kindnesses, and your devotion to prayer and to God, Our Great Father.

Help me to follow in your blessed footsteps, however timidly, however uncertainly,
but surely.

Help me to pray fervently and effectively,
as you did. Keep me, my good models,
on the path to sanctity.
Please let me not stray, let me not fall!

May I never harm another of my fellow creatures by word or deed, but rather
help me to be an inspiration to all
in some small way, as they make their own paths through the forests of temptation.

Bless you all, my models and my guides!

May we meet one day before the throne
of Our Lord and Majesty, Christ Jesus,
King Eternal and Love Divine.

All this I pray in confidence and hope.


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