Dear God of All People,

Antisemetism: May it end!

The persecution of Jews by Hitlerian Germany is among the greatest atrocities
of the 20th century.

Substantial blame, I think must fall
on Martin Luther, who wrote, "So thoroughly hopeless, mean, poisonous, and bedeviled
a thing are the Jews that for 1400 years they have been and continue to be, our plague, pestilence, and all that is our misfortune."

He suggested that the only way to baptize Jews was by tying millstones around their necks.

I pray dear God of Israel, and God
of All People, that the exemplary outreach
of Pope Benedict XVI to the Jewish people, will signal for once and for all an end
to the tragic years of hatred which found
such violent and inhuman consummation
in the holocaust of World War II.

May respect and love for Your Chosen People, the family lineage of Our Lord and Savior, increase so that the evils of the past,
though never forgotten, will in some way
be forgiven.

All this I pray in hope and love, to You,
God of Hope and Love and Forgiveness,


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