God of Seasons,

Summer comes to an end and the dead leaves begin to fall, a silent cascade of riotous gold.

Plants wither, days grow short, and I am reminded of my own mortality, the falling count-down of my own life, so that each day takes on a greater golden value than
the day before.

I treasure more carefully my time and my life on this earth, and hopefully I am motivated to live better and better, day after day, as best I can.

Help me, Lord, to make the most of every new dawn, as the pages of my life turn ever more swiftly.

Let the fall of the leaves and the changing of the seasons remind me of the passing hours and the receding years of my one life.

Let me make every day on earth a preparation for an eternity with You in heaven.

All this I pray to You in hope, my Good God,
and in confidence, appreciation, and great, great love,



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