Lord Creator,
I pray for the Children of Abraham,
the Jews, Your Chosen People.

Of all humanity, Heavenly Father,
You gave Your special patronage and favor
to the House of David.

To the Hebrew prophets
You gave Your wisdom,
To Moses You gave
Your Ten Commandments,
and to Your people,
endurance and enduring faith
and the Scriptures.

But You have also given them
many terrible trials, Lord,
in ancient Biblical times,
in the the medieval period,
and in recent and current
tragic history.

Perhaps because of Your favor
and the burdens and difficulties
You have laid upon them,
I see Your people as admirably
and doggedly persistent.
In the face of great challenges
- buoyant, indomitable,
and especially gifted
with jocular self-confidence
and humorous self-disparagement
even in their darkest hours.

I see them rich in artistic talent,
bold in risk-taking,
and exceptional in their reverence
for art and learning,
with a tough, high-achieving,
brave and boisterous
embrace of life.

May we always revere, respect,
and appreciate Your Chosen People,
and admire the great gifts
which You have given to them,
and the admirable undaunted resilience
and unwavering loyalty to You
which they have shown
in times of misfortune and trouble.

I beg that all of us be chosen
together again,
on the star-strewn threshold
of God's crystal palace,
Gentile, Jew, Buddhist,
Islamist and Christian,
atheist, agnostic, and all peoples
of good will, and that we all be absolved
of sin and garbed in shining robes
of purity, and then be ushered in
to be with You, Heavenly Father,
in joyful unity for all eternity.


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