Holy Spirit, Eternal Artist,
invade the spectrum of my mind and my spirit.

Into the coal-hot reds and yellows
of confusion and anger and pressure,
come stealing: Cool-Blue-White, with calming, soothing hope and a rainbow flash
of eternity.

Into the shadowy shapeless, dismal grim-gray days of weariness and depression, strike sudden lightning-white realizations
of Your brilliant Presence.

Infuse me with the sweet silver strength
of hope in You.

Pervade my thoughts with the many hues
of Your love. Frame my vision with heavenly gilded goals. Ravish my intellect
with the infinite colors and the royal purple of Your Divine Majesty.

Shape my soul: keen, sharp, brave, focused,
decisive in Your service. Draw me
to Your blinding beautiful glory
and Your everlasting sun-gold splendor.

All this I humbly pray,




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