Dear God,

Winds rustle the leaves in old cemeteries
where the very dearly beloved lie now alone,
no longer visited by relatives or friends,
who are themselves now long departed
and also resting in the quiet earth.

Each year more souls are added to these ranks of the forgotten and unmentioned in prayer.

Let me offer to You a remembrance for all those who are no longer mourned by any descendants or acquaintances still alive.

Though their bodies are "moldering in the ground," I pray that their souls be cleansed of all sins and taken finally into Your bosom
in heaven above.

Forgive, please, their transgressions,
their lapses, their moral failures, public, secret and now long forgotten here on earth,
but recorded still in the records books
of heaven.

Wash away their sins now, Lord, if my pleas have any efficacy. Forgive their stumblings from the straight paths, their deceptions, their unkindnesses and their omissions.

Erase their names, please from Saint Peter's Book of Transgressions, and write them now
with glittering stars in the glowing
Scrolls of Final Salvation.

Let their souls rise blazingly bright once more, and please receive them Jesus
into shining and eternal glory with You!

All this I pray to You My Good Redeemer,
in hope and confidence and burning
ardent love.


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