Lord of Life and Death,

Fortunate are those who have a very short illness, have an opportunity to make peace with their family, their friends, the world, and with You, God, and then slip away peacefully and painlessly with loved ones around them.

Less lucky are those who have a prolonged illness, loss of coherence,
and an agonizing demise.

Most lucky from a secular viewpoint are those whom You take suddenly, struck by lightning, or by an automobile, or who suffer a heart attack and die instantly, for they have no cognition of death, or so it seems to us.

But from a spiritual standpoint they are perhaps the most unfortunate, since they have no opportunity for remorse, no last chance to "get it right" with You finally
before they leave this earth.

I pray to You, Lord, that I die without
a long illness, but with the opportunity
to make a last Confession and a last plea
for Your Divine Mercy and forgiveness.
I hope fervently I might have the anointing
and the last rites of the Church and die with my mind and conscience at peace.

I pray humbly that I may leave this world
without causing my survivors prolonged unhappiness, but rather go peacefully,
easily and quickly.

I pray that I may be received
into Your Merciful Arms, in forgiveness,
in humility, and in Peace, for all eternity.













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