Dallas Wiens - before and after

Texan Dallas Wiens was painting a church
in 2008 when his head touched a power line, instantly leaving him blind and virtually faceless. His face was restored through
a series of intricate plastic surgeries.


I pray, dear God, for Your mercy and strong sustenance for those who have been horribly disfigured by birth or terrible injuries.

I have read that Your servant, Gaspare Tagliacozzi, a professor in Bologna, experimented with reconstructive surgery
in the 16th century, but was excommunicated
for "tampering with the Will of God."

Today, miraculous operations have repaired faces and bodies, replaced limbs,
and even replaced living hearts.

Please, Divine Healer, enlighten and guide the surgeons who do this this painstaking work. Give them imagination and patience,
focus their minds, inspire their decisions,
and direct each movement of their expertly skilled hands in these delicate life-changing endeavors, and give them and their brave patients success and marvelous outcomes.
Give them peace.

Bless the nurses who care for the patients
during long recoveries: bathing, bandaging, feeding, soothing , encouraging and loving their frail charges, as they aid them
on their challenging journey to get well.

Strengthen the patients in mind and body,
as they recover, giving them courage, endurance, patience, trust, speedy healing, and adjustment to the final results.

In 2013, Dallas Wiens married Jamie Nash,
whose arms and back were severely burned
in a traffic accident in 2010. They married
in the church Dallas was painting
when he was injured. The couple's injuries are such that they can do things for one another which individually they could not do.

Dear Lord of All People, Help those of us who see those disfigured who have not had
the benefits of surgery - or those whose surgery has left awkward results - to neither stare nor look away, but offer a word
of support and encouragement if appropriate and a prayer for their happy adjustment
and outlook.

And let me ever remember, Lord of Fate,
that, "There but for the grace of God go I."



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