San Francisco 1906

Dear Jesus,

The devastating earthquake
on our western shore a century ago
is all but forgotten now
except in old history books
and fading newspaper photos
of the vast destruction and ruins.

The victims and survivors alike
have long gone to their rest,
and all who knew them and heard first-hand
of this calamity have passed away as well.

Living horror becomes forgotten history.

Please still accept in retrospect my prayers for those whose sorrows and losses were myriad personal tragedies.

I pray for the broken bodies, the broken families, the widows and widowers,
the orphans, the maimed and dead children
and the devastated parents.

In turn, let them, Dear Lord, their sadness long over now, look down on me, and seeing
my own small griefs and troubles
and the little tremors of my life,
mercifully intercede for me to You.

I may feel fissures and quaking in my health, my life and my emotions, b
ut let me always trust that You will help me to hold strong
in faith even when I may feel that the ground of my life is moving under me.

Help me always to keep my own needs
in perspective and let me be ready always with my help and love for all my fellow creatures in distress.

All this I pray to You
Good God of Care and Understanding,




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