Lord God of Creation,

Sunlight fades. Evening falls.
A sense of stillness, even loneliness,
and perhaps uncertainty, tides in
with the darkling clouds of night.

Shadows descend, as stealthy velvet silence
cloaks all. Dreams, warming and alarming
hide patiently beyond the curtains
of consciousness.

Assure me, please, that You are here with me this night so that I need not fear the murky dark or the phantoms of my slumbering mind.

You Who breathed the golden sunshine
and willed the velvet robes of night,
Who thought the timeless rolling surf,
the churning seasons and the million trillion pinpoint torches in the caverns of the sky,
You are the God of all my hopes and desires,
the Architect of all my times, all safety
and all comforting quiet sleep.

Hold me tightly, so that I need have no fear, I beg You, Master. Gentle me to sleep
and let no vile temptations nor fearsome nightmare storms disrupt the peaceful
pathways of my nocturnal voyage.

All this I pray to You in confidence, dear God of night and day, sunlight and dark, solace and safety, shadow and salvation,
now, tonight, and forever more.




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