Dear Lord Almighty,

Help me to remember to do all these things:

Fast from gluttony and over-eating
xxxxxand find ways to help feed the starving.

Fast from self-indulgence and give
xxxxxto charities that help
xxxxxthe less fortunate.

Fast from undue self-concern
xxxxxand be attentive to ways in which
xxxxxI can help others.

Fast from judging others
xxxxxand feast on Christ Who dwells
xxxxxin all of us.

Fast from emphasis on differences
xxxxxand celebrate the unity of all life.

Fast from apparent darkness
xxxxxand see the light in all reality.

Fast from worries of illness
xxxxxand trust Your healing power.

Fast from comments that hurt
xxxxxand speak words of endearment.

Fast from discontent
xxxxxand revel in acceptance.

Fast from anger
xxxxxand cultivate patience.

Fast from pessimism
xxxxxand promote optimism.

Fast from complaining
xxxxxand concentrate on appreciation.

Fast from negatives
xxxxxand accentuate affirmatives.

Fast from unrelenting pressures
xxxxxand feast on peaceful prayer.

Fast from hostility
and learn to make peace.

Fast from bitterness
xxxxxand offer forgiveness.

Fast from self-concern
xxxxxand have real compassion for others.

Fast from personal anxiety
xxxxxand seek eternal truth.

Fast from discouragement
xxxxxand turn toward hope.

Fast from facts that depress
xxxxxand feast on verities that uplift.

Fast from lethargy
xxxxxand exult in enthusiasm.

Fast from suspicion
xxxxxand believe only truth.

Fast from thoughts that weaken
xxxxxand turn toward promises that inspire.

Fast from shadows of sorrow
xxxxxand bask in the sunlight of hope.

Fast from idle gossip
xxxxxand practice purposeful silence.

Fast from problems that overwhelm
xxxxxand rely on on prayer that sustains.

Fast from worry
xxxxxand trust Your Divine Providence.

In all this, Dear Lord, I ask your help.



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