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Oh, Dear God Of All Creation,

Years ago in a downtown Chicago basement
I saw a "side-show" of "freaks and oddities."

A man without arms or legs was one of the exhibits. His torso stood on a pedestal,
and he wore a sleeveless motorcycle jacket, which made me think of one of life's adventures which he would never enjoy first-hand.

I have never forgotten his sullen expression, and the sadness I felt for him that day.

Nick Vujicic was similarly born:
armless and legless.

His triumph over challenge, and his love
and trust in You are sobering, saddening,
and greatly inspiring.

I pray for him and all who are born with severe physical challenges.

Thank you for the gifts you have given me, and please send to those who face daunting prospects similar to those of Nick Vujicic gifts of patience, fortitude, understanding,
and happiness in the face of their severe life challenges.

God please bless us all, and help us never
to complain of the difficulty of our lives!



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