The Stone after it's thrown,
The Word after it's spoken,
The Occasion after it's missed, and
The Time after it's gone.

Restrain me Lord, to think before I act.
Hold my tongue, that I refrain
from making speaking evil.
Let me not miss the occasion of importance,
or the opportunity to do good.

Let me not idle away the hours
which can never be recaptured.

May I live the fullest and the best life
that I possibly can, so that I will have
no regrets when my hour comes
and You call me home.

There is much concise wisdom in the many sayings, slogans, aphorisms
and words of wisdom.
Our memories are jogged,
and our consciences alerted.

Let me value these little acorns
from the tree of knowledge.

Let me also remember, Lord, to live
my life by faith, with hope, and in charity,
and to never forget that the greatest
of these is, indeed, charity.


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