Based on the words of Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson Archbishop of Canterbury 1871-1914

LORD, You loved me from all eternity,
therefore You created me.
Behold you are precious in my eyes
and glorious: because I love you

(Isaiah 43:4)

You loved me after You created me,
therefore You became man for me.
For God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten Son
(John 3:16).

You loved me after You became Man for me,
therefore You lived and died for me.
Christ loved me and gave Himself for me! (Galatians 2:20).

You loved me after You died for me,
therefore You rose for me
I arose and I am still with you
even to the end of the world
(Psalms 138 and Mt 28:20).

You loved me after You rose for me,
therefore You went to prepare a place for me.
am going to prepare a place for you
that where I am you also may be
(John 14:3).

You loved me after You had gone to prepare
a place for me, therefore You came back
to me.
O Jesus, you love Me and You want
to live in me and be One with me
— to become my very Food and Drink.
Take and eat: this is My body for you.
Take and drink: this is My blood
poured out for you.
(Luke 22:19).

This is the mystery on our Altar,
the mystery of the Blessed Sacrament,
the mystery of unspeakable love.
0h, if only you knew the gift of God!
(John 4:12).

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