Loose lips sink ships and unkind words destroy spirits and reputations.

Sticks and stones can break my bones
and words I speak can do great harm
to others, and can soil and blacken
my own immortal soul.

Once spoken, evil words can never
be retrieved, never, ever taken back.
Sick and stupid words can live in others’ minds forever.

I remember insults from days long, long past, before I was twelve years old.
I pray Lord let me forgive those who spoke the words, and let the injury go.

I pray that my own cruel words spoken
in anger or derision, especially said "behind someone's back," be forgotten
in this world and forgiven in the next.

Set a strong sacred guard against my tongue,
God of Truth and Charity and Patience.
Let me not presume ever to speak against those whom You have created, for judgment
is Yours alone.

Let me see the good in every creature
of Your creation.

Let me shout and celebrate all that pleases You, and leave judgment to Your mercies.

Let me make a virtue of the homespun adage,
to say nothing when I have nothing good
to say.

All this I pray to You, God of Love,
in silent contemplation.


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