Jesus, let my hands always serve You nobly:
active in my life, clasped in prayer,
or relaxed at rest.

I commit their every move to You.
When they falter and fail,
I offer You the guilt of my harm
to others or the pain or humiliation I cause myself.

I salute Your majesty in the countless good works of all the hands of all humankind,
in ages past, now, and every moment
of this day.

I commend to You the working hands
of all Your creatures, even when they serve,
not knowing You
or not dedicating
their daily accomplishments to
Who made them possible.

Accept the tribute of our hands:
the precious hands of tiny babies,
the mischievous hands of laughing children,
skillful hands of artists and engineers,
sewing hands, digging hands,
rough and grimy hands, dextrous hands
on keyboards and violins, aged arthritic
aching hands on walkers, calloused hands,
manicured hands, crippled hands, aching hands, broken tired hands, and the hands
of priests raising the Host at altars
somewhere in the world this moment.

May all our hands reach out lovingly
to other hands, and in so doing all be lifted up together to be grasped
by Your nail-pierced bleeding hands.

Hold us then forever, Jesus,
Lord and loving Master,
in the encompassing clasp of Your eternal love and the strong tenderness of Your saving hands. Please never ever let us slip away from You.




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