If of thy mortal goods thou are bereft
and of thy store two loaves alone are left,
sell one, and with the meager dole
buy hyacinths to feed your hungry soul.

Sadi - A.D. 1258

Dear God of bread and flowers and tomorrows,
please give me the grace and courage
and trust to act in the manner which the sage Sadi suggests.

Let me always remember not to let the demands of my body blind me to the need
to "feed my hungry soul."

Keep me always attuned
to the spiritual essence of life
as well as the physical realities
and the moral imperatives.

Let me recognize and revere
Your beauty in my life,
Your flowers of faith and hope and charity,
Your hope-filled sunrises
and Your heart-healing sunsets.

Let me bring the beauty of these gifts
in what ways I can, into the lives of others.

Guide me to attend to the mundane
and to my daily bread,
but let my restless heart and my eternal
soul fly, too, beyond the everyday,
beyond the necessary, beyond the commonplace,
to the sacred groves of nature,
into the hidden citadels of solitude
and the peaceful palaces of prayer
where You, Source of all everlasting joys
await to refresh my flagging spirits
and my soul, with the breath
and sustenance of eternal life.

In the hyacinth and every flower
and every squirrel and starshine
and birdsong and beautiful man or woman
and every purple dusk,
me always recognize Your handiwork
and Your goodness and Your promises.

Let me touch You in the sunlight
and see you in the wind.
Let me know you in the silence
and hear You in the dark.

All this I pray to You,
Dear God and Source of all life,
Maker of infants and music and forests
and heavenly mansions
and all that is astounding
and awe-inspiring in this beautiful life,
and in the the life to come.


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