God of All Gifts and Happiness,

Thank You for ice cream.

I pray also for my health, my family,
my salvation and world peace.

But please don't think me frivolous, Lord,
to thank you also for the cold, sweet, exquisite pleasure of ice cream!

I suppose the delicious transport created
by eating this frozen treat might be similar to the delirious effect of drugs.

Thankfully, with the stern prompting
of my ever-watchful guardian Angel,
I never gave in to the temptation
to "experiment" with pills and pipes
and needles.

Let me think of You, Lord of All Good Things, as this all-encompassing frigid dessert treat clears my mind of all serious concerns,
and fills me with pure exhilaration.

With thanks and appreciation,
for all the good things in life,
I pray to You, my Creator and my Good God,




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