God formed me to be imperishable.
The image of His own nature, He made me
--- -- The Book of Wisdom

Now we are children of God” -- Saint John

Dear God, Creator, how thrilling
and frightening, sobering, awe-inspiring
and humbling are these words:

The image of His own nature...
Children of God...

Help me, God of Wisdom, to understand
these glorious, profound and impenetrable mysteries:

That I am imperishable.
That I am made in the image of God.
That You have given me a mind, a will,
the ability to act, and the potential
to be god-like in goodness.

Help me always and instantly to turn away from evil. Strengthen me that I may never act
"in the image of Satan."

Let my every single act of every waking day
be an infinitesimal reflection
of Your own will, of Your own goodness,
and of Your great generosity.

You, Who created me, gave me the potential
to be worthy of being Your own true son.
Give me now the wisdom, the belief, the grace
and the courage to deserve this great gift.

All this I pray to You in thanks
and adoration, my God, my Father, my Creator,




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