Almighty God of All Peoples,

Devout Muslims fall humbly on their knees
and touch their foreheads to the ground
in prayer to You five times each day.

Millions come each year to Mecca in the hajj.

Christians cannot but admire the intense belief, dedication and wholehearted commitment reflected in this worldwide devotional pilgrimage.

After the Prophet died, the Nation of Islam
was torn asunder over his succession,
and that divide remains today, regrettably
motivating continual violent warfare between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims, and their various sects.

Christian nations, too, have been torn apart
by viscious religious strife: Catholics against Protestants and vice-versa.

Christians persecuted Jews, and Crusaders invaded and made war on Islamic peoples
in their own homelands in the Middle East.

Enmity still rages in The Holy Land,
all "in the name of God," in Your Holy Name, Prince of Peace.

All mankind has much to atone for, Lord:
Mea culpa!

I pray now, Great God of Serenity, for amity and sacred friendship among us all.

Please lead violent extremists of every creed
all over the world, Christian, Muslim, Jew, agnostic, atheist, to soften their hearts,
open their minds, and put down their guns
and knives and bombs, departing from the path of hate and violence, and finding instead
the high road to peace, and to You.

Almighty God, please help all Muslims
to learn to accept each other regardless
of their particular discordant beliefs.
May they then respect their differences,
but join their hands in the quest for peace.

Please raise up an ever-growing band
of brave and mighty Imams who can lead
the way, convincing their Muslim brothers
and sisters to lay aside their bombs and guns
and find each other in the embrace of peace,
and learn to love Christians of many sects, just as those Christians, after terrible religious wars, have learned to live
in worldwide peaceful accord.

Lord of All the World, please lead Christians
and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, Buddhists,
agnostics, atheists and all people
of all religious beliefs or none,

to respect and accept each others' differences in religious creeds and cultural practices, and to reverence the freedom
of the human heart and mind and soul of every person

Ever loving God, please let persuasion
replace conflict, and respect replace warfare.

Let us learn to listen to each other
and love each other, rather than take each other's lives.

May all the People of God, regardless
of the paths they may follow,be joined
in You, together, one day, in peace.

This, Great Creator, I pray, so that some day "All may be One" in You.


The Prospects and Perils
of Catholic-Muslim Dialogue
Robert R. Reilly


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