Jesus + Jesus, make me Yours!

If I could only be as true to You
as one would be to an earthly best friend:
to be loyal to You, as one would be
to a partner, to speak kindly of You
as one would of a revered companion,
to listen when You speak to me,
and to tell You what is in my secret heart.

If I could fully recognize Your presence,
and look into Your eyes,
If I could be be faithful to You always,
and introduce You to my friends,
If I could be with You and, one day, enjoy
the miraculous heaven that You have planned for those who gain entrance to paradise...

I need to trust You and be present to You
as You are present to me.

I need to suffer for You and to realize that You have suffered for me.

I must appreciate that You have given everything I have to me.

How easy, my Jesus, if I could simply
be a friend to You as You have been
a friend to me.

Forgive my complexity, my inattention,
my naive sophistication, my rationalization,
my distraction and complication:
all the screens and shadows and walls
and curtains of neglect behind which
I forget the simple reality
of Your incomparable friendship
and Your limitless love.

Strengthen me strongly against temptations.
Open my eyes and make me see what matters.
Guide my footsteps.
Focus my attention.
Enlighten my mind.
Make me charitable.
Make me dedicated.
Make me obedient.
Make me humble.
Make me worthy.
Make me loyal.
Make me good.

Take my heart.
Take my soul.
Take my all.

Jesus + Jesus!
Make me Yours forever!




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