Lord God,
Please guide me
to live every day
as if it were my grand finale on earth,
because one day that will be true.

Let me realize
that every moment of life,
every breath, every heartbeat -
is a gift from You.

All are counted, all are limited,
all are evaluated and recorded
in the Angels' Record Books in Heaven.

All my days are finite,
and they cannot be repeated.

Let me treat my days from dawn to dusk
as the time-treasures they are.
Let me dedicate them to Your service.
Guide me, God, to use them wisely
and consciously in all my acts.

Help me live in the moment with You,
every moment, until my least breath,
my final heartbeat
, and then,
my good God, please be there with me,
as my eyes close for the final time.

Then, I pray, please take me with You
to Your heavenly kingdom.

Help me remember to say a prayer
every morning with hope and reverence,
and live every day with courage
and confidence.

Remind me to say a prayer each night,
to You in thanksgiving,
for every minute of every hour
of every day of my life.

Please take my love, Jesus,
and make me worthy of Yours,
all this I pray in fervid hope,


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