Dear God,

Thank You for all the times
that my life has been saved.

Thank you for Phil Pratt, MD, who,
when I was age six, performed a tracheostomy
on our kitchen table, as I lay
critically ill with Scarlet Fever.

Thank You for my mother who caught me
as I was about to slide out
the open door of our car on Fifth Avenue.

Thank You for saving me when I fell
through the grate in the freight elevator
in Ettenson's Department store.

Thank You for the success of the friend
who rowed us back to shore in blinding rain
and darkness through a sudden storm
on the Maryland Shore.

Thank You for the surgeons
who gave me a successful quadruple by-pass.

Thank You for Your protection
throughout the 80 years I have driven a car,
and the 60 years I rode a motorcycle, sometimes recklessly, on sunny days,
and in the rain and dark of night.

Thank You also for all the known and unknown
unremembered people, who have protected me:
the teachers and nurses, and doctors,
and policemen and firemen, and bus drivers,
and railroad engineers, and those
who have flown the airplanes,
and designed the traffic signals,
and watched the security cameras,
and patrolled the streets,
and created the safety measures,
and invented the systems and vaccines
and safety devices,
which protect us all from danger
daily throughout our lives.


Please bless also those who dailY
throw out the little "life-savers"
which make our days happier:
the courteous drivers,
those who don't throw trash on the ground,
those whose friendly words or cheerful smiles
brighten up our world.

And thank you for pets!

Thank You for my Guardian Angel
and my Patron Saint, who deftly
pull me back from the edge of harm's way,
and whose whose moral prompts and guidance
whispered in my conscience
strengthen me to avoid temptation.

And most of all thank You, Dear God,
Who have saved me from countless
aches and pains, unwise decisions,
even fatal physical dangers
and sinful moral faults and failures.

Let me offer to You every day that I live.
Please guide me to live them without sin
as if each one were my last,
and then let me finally
come safely home into Your loving arms.

For all this I pray thanks to You my Lord,
my God, and my loving Redeemer.



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