Dear God of All Things,

You have given us the power
to build a roaring world of mechanical and electronic marvels, giving us
previously undreamed-of power.

But along the way we have inadvertently created modern monsters as well . . .

Help me to keep my bearings and resist
as necessary the noise, distractions,
blandishments and temptations
of the "contemporary" world
in which I live.

Let me appreciate and utilize all
the new inventive, scientific, electronic, digital technologies
only insofar as they make my life better, holier, and more surely
in Your Divine image.

While I am surrounded by the deafening din, and the gaudy sights and intrusions
of the material environment, let me not lose sight of the spiritual world.

Give me quiet interior peace.
Give me magisterial silence of soul.

Hold my hand, Jesus.
Lead me always forward toward the good.
Let me not be distracted along the way.
Make me Yours, Jesus.
Keep me Yours, always.

That is my one greatest wish,
and my most fervent prayer.




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