Moses, Lawgiver,

You were chosen by the Lord
from among all people born, or to be born,
to receive God's Commandments.

You were a leader of great power,
but a man with a temper, quick to anger.

You hurled God's stone tablets bearing
The Ten Commandments onto the ground
at the base of Mount Sinai,
becoming the first person literally to break the Lord's Commandments.

But you were a man of great faith,
and a leader holding immense sway
over an enormous flock - the Twelve Tribes
of Israel - ultimately leading them
out of the wilderness and into the land prepared for you.

You were given the power to part the Red Sea in order to escape with your people, leaving Pharoah and the Egyptian armies following you to perish as the waters closed again
over them.

Please help me to keep God's Divine Law
always, in all things, and to merit His trust
and His mercy, His love and His forgiveness,
as you surely did.

Stand behind me always and guide me, Moses,
keeping His golden law always in my mind,
and obedience to His rule in my soul.

Please be my advocate for salvation
so that I may gain eternal happiness
with you and Him in heaven, forever.

Moses, Prophet, Lawgiver, Guide,
first recipient of the Ten Commandments,
when I am tempted to any evil,
please let me hear your warning voice
that I may turn back in innocence and purity to Our Lord God Almighty.

All this I pray to God Our Father,
in humility, in hope, in confidence and love,


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