God of Peace, please look down with favor
on the heroic men and women
who have given their lives
in defense of freedom across the world.

Let their sacrifices wash every blemish
from their souls, and may they be received with joyful trumpets into Your Kingdom
of eternal Light and Peace.

Help us, Lord, to find our way
to an era of safety and amity
in which people all over the earth will live together
in productive happy harmony.

Let American troops be called home
from the hundreds of foreign posts
where they now serve.

Inspire all leaders to treat their citizens
with equity and justice.

Guide us to lead responsible lives
of amity and accord.

May guns be silenced and sabers rust,
bombs defused, cannon melted, and children no longer lose their parents to warfare.

May all humanity, attentive at last
to Your message of love and forgiveness,
find the way to final, permanent, blessed,
glorious, worldwide peace!


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