Dear God of All Things Great and Small,
I thank You for popcorn.

I know, as You certainly do, that popcorn
was first discovered centuries ago
by Native Americans. It was a gift
from the original inhabitants of the land
to the "settlers," who then stole the land
from the indigenous people.

Please bless the Indian Nation for their generosity, and assuage them in heaven
for the injustices they endured on earth.

Some might deem it frivolous to pray about this humble "snack food," when there are
so many great gifts to be thankful for,
and so many grievous injustices and needy causes in which we seek Your assistance
and your blessings.

But we should remember that You are not only the God of oceans and harvests, but also
the God of every infinitesimal aspect
of our lives - everything we see and touch
and taste and smell, every tiniest part
of our world and our daily living.

I thank You for pure water, for cool breezes, for the palms of my hands and the smell
of burning leaves in autumn.

I thank you for shooting stars and cars,
streams and dreams, and precious little Newman, who shares our home and our life.

I feel You near to me, Lord, when I make myself pay attention and realize that You are not far, far away in some extraterrestrial paradise, not sequestered in a silent church, but are always here with me, within me,
and within every thing that makes up
the moment-to-moment experience of my life. You are here, with me, right now, in this place, in this instant, and always.

I may forget You, but You never forget me.

Let me be reminded of You by road signs
and rain, soft rugs and hot running water, potato salad and babies, opera, summer evening crickets, and little Newman's always eager, wagging tail.

You have given me, God Creator, a world filled with constant reminders, large
and small, of Your Goodness. Let me see!
Let me appreciate!

You have given me wonderful brief, flashing, infinitesimal previews of the eternal heaven
which You have prepared for us.

Help me, Lord, ready myself to pass through the material world repentant for my missteps, eager for Your love, and forgiven
for my earthly faults and failures,
so that I may rise in glory to join You
and the radiant choirs of Your saints
and angels forever and ever.

All this I humbly pray,
with thanks for love, and life ...
and dogs, and popcorn,


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