God of my heart,

When the world seems dark and confusing,
and I feel as if I have lost my way,
please lead me back to You
and to Your church where I will find solitude, peace, and a welcoming quiet.

With You, alone, I can re-group,
find my footing again, find the blue skies and hope and the sunshine optimism of a child of God.

Hold me close, my Redeemer, when I need a respite from the challenges and responsibilities
and doubts and fears of the busy rushing world.

You knew sadness and uncertainty and disappointment in Your apostles who fell asleep when You asked them to watch with You in the Garden of Olives
on the black night before Your death.

You knew anguish and desperation and pain
as You hung on the cross and feared
that Your Heavenly Father had abandoned You,
and You cried out, "My God, My God,
why have You forsaken me

Let me now hear Your reassuring words
of hope and love. Please never forsake me!

Give me courage.

Let me re-pledge my trust in You,
and my hope for Your trust in me.

Help me re-pledge my faith in You,
and my hope for your faith in me.

Let me re-pledge my love for You,
and my hope for Your love of me.

I know that You are always there,
and that I need only step away
from my worldly distractions, my uncertainties,
my busyness, my fears, my depression to find You, wherever I may be, at whatever time,
at whatever moment.

I come to You now, this moment,
Lord Jesus crucified, to pledge my love, my hope,
my intention to make my life a testimony
to Your goodness and Your love for me.

I give You all I am.

You are my Staff, my Life, my Hope,
my Being, my true and eternal Love.

You are my hope and my brightest tomorrow!



Hold me fast, Jesus, my King of Joy and my God,
please hold me ever fast!

Carry me through the darkness into the radiant skies of Your glory, the safety of YOur forgiveness
to be with You forever, and forever, and forever,




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