Dear Saint Helena, Empress,

We are told that many years after
the Crucifixion of Jesus, you traveled
to the Holy Land, searching ceaselessly
for the True Cross on which Our Lord died.

Legend has it that you did indeed excavate this holy relic, the image of our salvation.

I venerate your memory and the burning devotion to the crucified Creator
which you diaplayed. Help us all hold
the Cross always in our hearts, remembering that Our Savior died, hanging on the cross, in expiation for all of our sins.

Please, Saint Helena, pray to God for me, and help me to be reminded each time
I see a cross, of the epochal sacrifice
made for us, and the sweet salvation gained for us, by Jesus, Man, Son of God,
and God Himself, in the divine mystery
of the Holy Trinity.


Note: To discourage Christian devotion on Mount Calvary, pagans erected there an idol of Venus,
Goddess of Love.

Saint Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine, is said to have come to Jerusalem in 326, and through an excavation found the True Cross.

Many tiny slivers and fragmentary remains are venerated today as relics of True Cross. However, the sale of false relics, especially in the Middle Ages, makes authentication of these and other relics a challenge.

Documentation on the True Cross

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