Saint John,

You were was named Chrysostom, golden-mouth, in tribute to your oratorical eloquence.
I know that you led the rustic life
of an Anchorite in the mountains near Antioch, until poor health forced you back to the city where you became a priest.

In 398, you were elevated to the See
of Constantinople, but you were later banished by the empress Eudoxia, who was offended
by the nature of your preaching.
You died in exile.

Yours was not a happy life, but a holy one. Please pray to God for me, that I may endure whatever comes in my life, with patience, fortitude and good grace.

Let me withdraw from society at least metaphorically on occasion, to give myself
to thoughts of God and the hereafter.

May I one day meet you in the glorious kingdom of God, Our Father.

All this I pray in hope and trust,




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