Holy Mark, Lion of God,

I have heard that your mother's house
was a gathering, sheltering, place
- at a dangerous time of persecutions -
where some of the very first few Christians
met in secret.

I know that you were among the earliest evangelists who went forth bravely
into a hostile superstitious pagan world
to spread the good news of our new faith.

Your evangelizing voice was compared
to the roar of a fearless lion.

We read your gospel messages in our churches
to this day.

Please now accept me, noble Mark,
as your acolyte, and clasp me to you
as your loyal friend.

Please be my courageous leonine guide
here on earth, defending me from the wily snares of the fiery, evil Serpent Satan.

Protect me from his evil luscious temptations
and his deceptive seductive tactics.

Keep me always on the straightest path, Mark,
directly to the heavenly home of our great God and saving Redeemer.

Then, when my time comes, Please stand beside me at the heavenly gates as my golden-tongued leonine advocate.

Vouch for me, speak out fiercely for me,
roar for me to Saint Peter, arguing my case for admittance to God's bright shining court.

Please be my brave courageous friend,
even before our Lord God King and Judge.

All this I earnestly pray to you brave
Saint Mark, roaring voice of wisdom,
friend of Jesus, and Lion of God.


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