O, glorious great Prince,
Saint Michael, Archangel,
Chief Commander of the heavenly hosts,
Guardian of souls,
and Vanquisher of rebel spirits,
Servant Soldier
in the house of the Divine King:
God's General, I salute you
in awe and humility
and ask your guidance, your patronage,
and your powerful protection.

You who shine like the sun,
excellent in superhuman virtue
and armored in the valor of truth
and the dynamism of holiness,
I implore you to let me stand beside you,
and in your comradeship be protected
from physical and moral dangers.

Shield me from legions of Satan's soldiers
and defend me from ranks of demon mercenaries with your flaming sword.

Help me, Michael, to hold fast the gateways
and defend the battlements to the fortress
of my soul. Enable me with your strong
and unfailing power, to vanquish every evil
I encounter and to serve my Triune God,
and yours, more and more valiantly
and virtuously
every day in every waking hour
from the break of dawn
till dark of night.

Let me one day stand with you as victory trumpets sound upon the ramparts of heavenly palaces, all battles won, kneeling g in fealty
to Christ our loving Master, enthroned
and crowned in stars, with peace prevailing and the echoes of angel choirs resounding throughout the heavens for all eons.

Let me then kneel with you, Michael,
in loving obeisance before the throne
in the heavenly court
of our Infinite Triune King:
Father, Son and Holy Sprit,
united with our loving God in unending bliss
for all eternity.


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