In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God.
and the Word was God.

Words have power. Words endure.
Words can cut like knives
and kill like arrows.

Once spoken, they cannot be retrieved.
They can never be unspoken.

Let me speak of the goodness in God's world
and hold my tongue when I am tempted
to speak rumors, gossip or evil
against any of God's children.

Close my ears to harsh, hurtful comments.

In summary, let me adhere to the wise adage:
"If You can't say something nice,
say nothing at all."

Lord, Word Incarnate, teach me
to set a guard before my tongue,
and to know when Silence is, indeed, Golden.

Oh, yes, words once spoken can be regretted
and apologized for,
but they can never be erased.

I distinctly recall hurtful words
said to me many decades ago.
The speakers surely no longer remember
what they said, but while I have forgiven them in my mind, the memories are not erased, the stabbing sentiments are not forgotten.

Jesus, help me listen.
Help me think before I speak.
Help me realize that there are times
when silence is the required moral choice.

God of all goodness and charity,
God, Word made Flesh,
please s
et a guard upon my lips,
and root charity firmly,
deeply in my heart.

This I pray to You, Incarnate Word,
God of all Goodness and God of all Wisdom and Charity.



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