God, help us!

Show us, please, how to change
what we need to change and can change,
and how to accept what we can't change.
And give us the wisdom, God,
to know the difference.

Help us emphasize quality time
when our time together is limited.
Help us find the way to enjoy
"doing all the things we always wanted
to do."

Teach us never to give up till it's time to give up. Guide us to live what days
we have together as best we can live them.

Keep strong our belief in You
and in the after-life, and our conviction that our departed families and friends
exist there in the beyond and that eventually we will rejoin each other again.

Give us the wisdom to make the best
of whatever happens.

Show us how to challenge each other
to be as brave as we can, but support each other when we need a time not to be brave.

Help us complain as little as we can,
but also to understand each other when we occasionally complain, or feel sorry
for ourselves, or are moody or angry.

Guide us to maintain good health
and cooperate sensibly with necessary medical care.

Help us make wise advance plans
for the survivor's housing and welfare:
not easy to think about, but necessary
to face.

Help us agree that however hard it is, whomever survives will carry on, fighting loneliness, and honoring the happiness we've
had together by living the remainder of life with dignity and respect for ourselves,
for our memories, and for other people.

Let us remember that even the "final" separation is temporary.

All this we pray in trust to You,
our God who made us, and led us to each other.



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