Jesus, my God:

"Could you not watch one hour with me?"
You asked that of your disciples
on the eve of Your Crucifixion.

Help me, God, to stay alert,
and watch with You for the rest of my life.

How many hours will that be, Dear God,
How much time have I le
How many years?
How many months?
How many days?

Time, it has been said, has a powerful way
of showing us what really matters.
Guide me, God, to know what really matters
and to act on that knowledge.

As the grains of sand fall in the hour-glass of my life, help me keep my eye on the clock
and my mind on my goals, and my heart
and soul dedicated to You, for it is our job and responsibility to do Your work
here on earth.

After many carefree and happy, free, hopefully productive years, I cannot complain of any kind of suffering, pain or dementia which yet may come upon me.

I ask only, Lord, that I not become a burden or a sorrow to others, and that if You give me crosses to bear, You will walk beside me, and give me the fortitude to carry them with grace and good will.

Let every moment of my life and every beat of my heart honor You and thank You
for giving me time and life,
the knowledge of You and Your goodness,
faith in You as my Redeemer,
the opportunity to serve You,
and the hope of spending eternity with You in heaven.

All this I pray to You
this day,
this hour,
this moment.




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