Lord Jesus, let me enjoy my daily bread,
but know that only the manna of Heaven
can finally satisfy my hunger.

Let me savor the sunrise, remembering however, that the sun is but an infinitesimal chimera reflection of the Resurrection
of the Sun of God.

Let me dance before the tabernacle
of the Lord but know that God resides joyfully already in the castle of my soul.

Above the crashing discord of the world
let me hear the soothing music of heaven.
Beyond the deafening blandishments
of the marketplace let me seek the serene celestial City of God.

Past the last array of stars
in the last galaxy let me come finally
to the grand majesty of Your safe haven
and enter through the portal of paradise
into blessed union
with Your Eternal Heavenly Presence.

In excess, let me sense danger.
In simplicity, let me meet my true self.
Through suffering, let me earn joy.
In life let me not forget death.
In all things let me trust in You.

Passing through the radiant transition
from mortality let me find at last
eternal peace in the covenant and security and final safe haven of Your Sacred Heart.

All this I pray in humility to You,
my Lord, my God, my Only Salvation, my All.


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