Lay not up to yourselves treasures
here on earth where rust, and moth consume,
and thieves break through and steal.
For where your treasure is,
There also your heart will be.
---- Matthew 6:19

When any worldly loss occurs - of goods, friends, health, or whatever else -
please keep me aware that is it just that:
a worldly loss.

Help me to take it in stride, with my eyes
fixed on the stars. Let me remember that You will never send me any problem, loss
or set-back of any kind whatsoever,
but that You are here, at my side,
ready to give me whatever strength, hope, grace and vision are necessary to see me
through the challenge.

Let me not forget that my hand is in Yours,
and that there is nothing I cannot endure
because no challenge of any kind
is too great for me to solve with Your help.

Please accept my prayer for all people everywhere who are facing fears and losses and bad news at this moment.

Please give others the insight
and the confidence in You, remembering
that You are always with us - always -
as You have promised.

All this I pray to You my Saving God,



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