Japan 2011 - New Orleans 2005

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Lord God Almighty,
Creator of the heavens and the earth
help us to understand and put into perspective the terrifying tragedies, sufferings and deaths
caused by natural disasters.

We do not believe, as in times past,
that these calamities are brought down
on particular countries or communities
as divine vengeance
against them, as if they were modern-day Sodoms and Gomorrahs.

Rather we see them as reminders
to all God's people of Your power, Your wrath
against general sins of the world,
and as Your admonition that we not lay up
for ourselves treasures here on earth,
where the thief breaks in, the moth consumes, and the winds and waters can sweep awa.

Let us always pray, dear God, for the people affected by these calamities of nature,
and let us be quick to offer what aid
and succor we can.

Help us to understand these inscrutable,
and seemingly heartless events,
in the long perspectives of history
and eternity.

Those who suffer and those who die,
may merit eternal life specifically through the salvific merit of heroically enduring these tragedies and supporting their fellow men and women in the process.

Those who come to the aid of others
are heroes and saints.

Let us never presume to blame You
as a wrathful God for we know that Your ways, Lord, are mysterious and cannot be fully comprehended by us in this life.

We are Your creations, to do with
as You will.

Certainly we can see that in time the fires,
the earthquakes, the long-suffering illnesses
do come to an end.

Let us be surely confident that all sorrows will be forgotten if eternal happiness
is gained.

Help us, God, Master,
Lord Creator of the Universe,
to accept the trials of life along with
the joys of life and to know that ultimately we are safe, eternally, in Your loving care.

We will carry on.

One of the most memorable photographs
I remember from the flood not so long ago
in New Orleans was of a smiling elderly woman volunteer: She was passing out groceries
at a Red Cross station, although her own home had been destroyed by the waters
. I believe her faith in You had made her whole.

We believe, Oh Lord. Help us in our unbelief!



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