Magical, mysterious, imaginary beast,
it was said that you could never be captured
except by a spotlessly pure maiden.

Legends about you abound
but the loveliest identifies you
with Christ, "captured"
only by the sinless Mary, to become
the Savior of all mankind.

Jesus, Unicorn, You, too, a Virgin,
Capture me, purify me, and make me Your own!

Encircle me within the barriers
of Your protecting grace!
Conquer me, confine me, purify me, Master,
as Your loving possession,
created by You and given back to You!

Cleanse me spotless like the Unicorn,
with Your grace and Your forgiveness!

Then let me come, finally stainless,
to bow low before the majesty
of Your heavenly throne, to know You forever
to serve You forever, to love You forever, to be with You forever and ever and ever, eternally blessed in the company
of all the shining saints, and surrounded
by my family and earthly friends
and the cohort of Your heavenly host
in unending joy and blissful surrender
to You, Gentle Unicorn, Sacrificial Savior,
Lord God, Jesus, Creator, Father Almighty,
Who always was, and will always be!

Please, then, let me dwell with You eternally in safety at the edge
of the refreshing River Jordan.

All this I pray to you in hope, Lord,
and in confidence, in peace, and in love,


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