Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier - $300

Fornasetti scented candle in jar
with lid - $165

God of All Material and Spiritual Things,

I have been browsing on the Internet,
looking at de luxe goods like the bag
and the candle above.

The luxuries available to the very wealthy are beyond the imaginings of the very poor.

Please help me to resist over-attachment
to material "things," but rather remember the admonition to "Lay not up for ourselves treasures on earth; where the rust and moth consume and where thieves break through
and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven; where neither the rust nor moth doth consume, and where thieves
cannot break through nor steal.
(Matthew 6:19-20)

Help me to focus on acquisition of grace
and goodness rather than on the accumulation of the perishable "treasures" of the world.

Keep me eager to share, and slow to acquire.

Give me constant compassion for the less fortunate in our society, for those who live a life on the edge of want and deprivation.

All this I pray in humble trust,




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