To "real cooks" this recipe will seem simplistic. To those of us who are lucky enough to have another household member who does "all" the cooking, this will be a simple dish to master. It's a good dessert, and a fairly healthful snack food. Some calories, but not too many.
Put two LARGE packages of Jello into a bowl. We want to make a thick dessert which will not become watery from the juice of the fruits we will add.  

Add 4 cups of BOILING water. Do not add the additional 2 cups called for on the box. Mix well, and chill in the refrigerator until solid.

With a sharp knife, score the hardened Jello into the thinnest possible slices. If you have a serrated knife, that will add to the attractiveness of the finished dessert.   
  Now score the Jello in the opposite directions, again, making the thinnest cuts you can. You will now have columns of jello.
Stir the jello with the knife so that you continue to cut it into smaller and smaller pieces. Scrape the edge of the bowl as you go.  
  Next cut up strawberries, and/or any fruits you enjoy, such as bananas, peaches, oranges, etc.
Stir the fruit gently into the mix.  
  Now add the "secret ingredients" which are dried fruits of any kind: dates, cranberries, cherries, etc. BJ's Warehouse house brand Berkely & Jenson has bulk packages which are relatively inexpensive.

Stir the dry fruits into the mix. You can add other fresh fruit like grapes.
Serve, and enjoy...

Donn Murphy