I praise You, God of all beautiful nature,
in the iridescence of butterfly wings
in the splendor of preening peacocks
and the flaming glory of a sunrise
and the evening glow of fireflies
and the industry of busy ants
and the diligence of spiders
in the solemnity of leopards
and the mischief of kittens
and the thunder of tigers
in the tumble of puppies
and the glow of morning.

Thank You, God!

I hail You, Lord of Wonder,
for rainbows over Niagara Falls,
for lilies that bloom one single day,
for lawns of grass and fields of corn,

for modest violets and elegant orchids,
for sequoias that live for
a thousand years,
and for new moss cuddling velvety soft
between wise, worn, ruddy old bricks.

Thank You God!

I thank you for the comfort of clean sheets
and a place to lay my head at night.

I thank You for my health and stamina.
I thank You for the safety of my life.
I thank You for hearing and eyesight and taste,
for nourishing food on the table
and for good and forgiving friends.

I bless You, God of Plenty,
for buses and trains and cars and planes,
for an ice-pack on a fevered brow,
for food, and friends with whom to share life
for cross-word puzzles and memory games,
for note-pads and pencils and keyboards,
for piping hot water, toothpaste and soap,
and for the touch of a human hand
at the end of a day.

For all these glorious blessed gifts,
I thank You, my Lord God!

I love You, Jesus,
for integrity, shared joys, goals, achievements, dreams, and the rapturous thunderous dawning
of each marvelous, promising, fresh new day!


(c) 2011 - Donn B. Murphy
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