Dear God,

Thank You, first for the gift of my faith.
I do believe.

Please hear now my prayer
for those who do not.

I believe that many or most atheists hold
no great antagonism toward You
or to religion, but simply see no convincing evidence, or therefore reason, to believe
in a Creator and an afterlife.

Nevertheless, they are may be exceptionally ethical, logical, moral and conscientious people, of great charity, love and good will.

I, however, cannot not believe in You,
and in a heavenly world to come. I cannot believe that all the suffering in this world
has no purpose, no meaning, no value,
and that those who have suffered will not be made whole and rewarded in the afterlife.

I believe that we come to You through pain and suffering, which force us to stop
and consider the very essence of existence
as we hurl on our little earth
through cosmic endless space.

The sense of justice feels too deeply ingrained in my heart and soul to believe that some of us live the happiest of carefree lives, while others, through no fault
of their own, live in dismal torment,
and that ultimately all will not receive
just deserts in the afterlife.

If anything I might say or pray or do
could, even to the tiniest degree, move
an unbeliever toward the magnificent truth, please inspire me to say that word or do that act, remembering always, however, that unwanted invasive proselytizing can have a bad effect which is the reverse
of its good intention.

Lord Almighty, I thank You for my own faith!
Help me to live by it always.
Help me to give good example without conceit.
Help my faith make me not proud, but humble.

I anticipate a joyous meeting in heaven.
Please keep me safe in this life,
and bring me to You in the hour of my death!

All this I pray to You God the Father,
God the Holy Spirit, Jesus, my Redeemer.


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