In 1974 Philippe Petit walked across a cable
stretched between New York City's Twin Towers.

Lord, let me keep my balance:
On one side, Presumption,
On the other, Despair



Please let me never presume that I am among the elite and that I am certain to be among the elect received into paradise.



Please let me never be tempted to feel self-satisfied that I have
"done enough," "prayed enough,"
"given enough," or "forgiven enough."



Rather, keep me ever mindful that
of those to whom much is given,
much will be expected.



However, let me always know that I am never beyond Your mercy, that You will forgive me for whatever I may have done, if I humbly confess my sins,
promise sincerely not to sin further,
and ask that my soul be washed pure again.



May I never presume.
May I never despair.
May I never lose my hope.
May I never lose my faith.
May I never lose my charity.
May I never lose my resolve.
May I never lose my balance.
May I never lose my devotion.



My Jesus, my God, I place my trust,
my being, my body and my soul in You,
and You alone, now and forever.




D A N G E R ! - D A N G E R ! ! - D A N G E R ! ! !

Frenchman Philippe Petit, aged 25, stunned the world in 1974
when he strung a cable between New York City's Twin Towers,
and walked across .

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