In the Bible, the father of a child possessed by an unclean spirit says to You,
"I believe! Help my unbelief..."
and You cast out the demon from the child.

A woman once had a large tree which had been blasted by lightning. She knew it would be very expensive to have it removed.

She prayed earnestly about this,
and told You, "I firmly believe
that when I awake tomorrow,
the tree will be gone!"

The next morning she rushed to open her drapes, only to discover that the tree
was still there...

"I knew it!" she exclaimed in anger.

So much for faith.

Belief, Lord, is not always easy.
It takes working at, for there is no proof
for intangible eternal truths.

However, in You I trust,
and in You I firmly believe...

Help Thou my unbelief!







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