Lord Who Sees All,

Please bless a singer and a president
who have a hopeful view toward tomorrow,
and who inspired us by their example
to be part of a world more kind,
more generous, and more charitably considerate of the many, many much less fortunate among us in this weary world.

Help us not to be blind, not to be cynical,
not to be hopeless, and not to turn away
from the needs of the least of Your children.

Help us not forget Your admonitions to feed the hungry and to shelter the homeless.

Let us build bridges across the ever-widening canyon of economic disparity.

The days will pass inexorably,
and if we have done nothing,
we will have to answer for that neglect
of our poorest brothers and sisters
on this earth.

Please, dear God, make our leaders
and our role models virtuous, farsighted, inspired and blessed with your good guidance.

Let all of us find the ways, perhaps small, but still important, in which we can together
make the world a little better for us all.

Working side-by-side, people of good will
across the globe can create a tide
of awareness and generosity, to help
the less fortunate among us find their way
to food, health and economic independence.

As President Kennedy notably said,
"This work will not be finished in a day,
or a year, or a thousand days,
but let us begin!"

Please, Lord, in a dangerous world,
protect Bono, a high visibility entertainer and Obama, a much-exposed president,
giving them safety as they go about
their influential business among crowds
of people all over the world.

All this I pray to You good Jesus,
King, God, Lover and Friend of the Poor.







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