God, Omniscient, Magisterial Maker of Planets,
Your million, billion galaxies
would take small notice if our dumb tiny
civilization blasted itself in atomic fire
to icy doom in the vast dark void
of far-reaching - endless - space.

You have given to frail man the toys of gods:
the power to sunder atoms, rearrange genes,
the means to travel to planets far from earth,
the genetic codes to restructure our bodies,
and the most awesome human gift of all:
the will itself which allows each of us
to make the chain of choices which form
our personal destiny and ultimate fate.

More than just a mind to calculate,
You gave us also a will to shape our future,
A conscience to evaluate our choices,
a heart with which to love,
a soul with which to embrace You,
... but also the power to hate our fellow creatures, to annihilate our very civilization, or to turn our backs on You
and the heaven which You have prepared for us.

you have indeed, given us the power to chooose or to destroy our eternal happiness.

You, Whose one rebellious angel
You hurled into the abyss
have given me a voice to sing
with heavenly choirs, and the means with which to attain eternal life with You in heaven... or to hurl myself into the kingdom of Satan and the everlasting torments of hell.

Stand by us, God, as we discover our powers:
on our earth, beneath our soil,
in your heavens above,
and throughout our vast universe.

Guide us to use Your magnificent gifts
wisely, humbly, eagerly, creatively and well,
for the good of our lovely fragile planet
and for the health and freedom, the unity
and goodness of all our fellow creatures.

Now I beg You, humbly, please,
Sweet, Deific Spirit of Love,
Hold me! Lead me! Show me the shining way.
Make me worthy! Light fires of hope
and inspiration in my mind and soul.

Show me the path of stars through the infinite skies to the glittering gates
of Your heavenly house, where I may enter in and find at last unending rest and peace,
and joy in You, my Maker, my Master,
my Great Eternal Love.

Hear me.
Help me.

Lead me.
Love me.
Hold me.
Save me.
Bless me.
Teach me.
Guide me.
Humble me.
Purify me.
Ennoble me.
Forgive me.
Inspire me.
Protect me.
Empower me.
Enlighten me.
Strengthen me.

All this I pray in the name of Jesus,



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