Jesus, Let me not be superstitious,
but please, let "luck" be my ally, and let me be hidden to miss the devil when the Evil One passes by.

Make circumstance my ally against temptation and all evil allurements.

Let me cross the road when satanic seduction lies ahead.

Let me see through, and resist, the ruses
of Satan and his vicious minions.

Let me be interrupted by the busy world
when temptation comes to my mind,
and let me be mentally preoccupied when
the body is tempted to sin.

Send me the intrusion of another person, please, when loneliness breeds evil,
and please give me the coincidence
of a departure when company could lead
me to temptation.

Let me put a particular guard on my mouth
so as not to spread gossip or speak evil
of any person.

Make luck my ally, but when chance fails
and temptation comes, give me ferocious
moral strength and great saving grace
to stop in my tracks, to turn my head,
to close my ears, to shut my eyes,
to barricade my mind, to approach or withdraw from my fellow humans, that I may not give in to evil, and that I may find the safe way home to Your waiting arms
in the hall of Your saints.

All this I pray with confident hope,
enduring trust, and deepest love, my God,


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